Modern Gretsch Guitars

NGD Cliff Gallup model. Wow.


I just got this guitar. I couldn’t resist. It’s as new. It was priced so low I couldn’t say no. (Under 1500).

Many of ya know I’m a vintage Gretsch player and collector.

im starting a Gene Vincent tribute band. The right guitar I thought would be good idea. Or another excuse to buy another guitar.

So This Cliff Gallup signature model is really nice. I’ve honestly never played a modern jet like this.

Gretsch has really really got it right. I had a few old 50s duo jets and they always had a some quirky problem.

not this guitar. Right out of the box it’s great

I will swap out the pickups for original 50s dearmonds. That’s it for mods.

bravo Gretsch. I’m late to the modern Gretsch party but happy I made it in haha.

Notice I’m playing an E 6/9 chord. Just like Cliff would have.


Very cool, congrats!

Just to sling a cat among the pigeons, try that chord a tone up - so once you’ve played the closing riff in, say, E, end on an F#6/9.

Sounds a bit more Cliff-like to me...


I always like it when some cat slings a cat among some pigeons.

Congrats Fred.... man that's some nice price for that nice geetar.


classic! killer guitar at great price!

congrats & enjoy



Looks great. Enjoy it, Fred...and let us know when the band starts gigging.


Congratulations! You deserve it for that price if you can play like Cliff Gallup.


Big congrats......that's killer. My permanent Dyna Jet GAS just went up another notch.


Fred has all the cool toys!


Sometimes the price is right and ya just gotta make the deal.

We're heading in opposite directions, Fred. I'm buying old guitars now, and here you are, buying modern. I'm pleased, and it appears that you are, too.



Good for you, Fred! Congrats!


Very cool, congrats!

Just to sling a cat among the pigeons, try that chord a tone up - so once you’ve played the closing riff in, say, E, end on an F#6/9.

Sounds a bit more Cliff-like to me...

– Deke Martin

Thanks for the good vibes everyone.

And Deke I did swing that cat--a cool trick Ive never done -- for real.

Got anymore Deke??


Nice, Fred. I'm sure you'll make it sing!


I like both things - the guitar and the idea of starting Gene Vincent tribute band.


Actually, having looked properly at the chord (for the first time since I learned it 35 years ago) I think it should probably be:

  • E -14th fret (9th)
  • B -14th (6th)
  • G -13th (Maj 3rd)
  • D -14th (root)

So it’s still an E6/9, but voiced different to the conventional fingering, which is more how someone like Scotty would have played it. Having the 9 on the top adds a bit of drama and tension to the chord, almost leaves it unresolved (helped no doubt by the slightly dissonant Maj 3rd in place of the 5th).


Oh wow! Great one! I haven't seen one as a left-handed version, wonder if they ever made them... but even as a lefty I would have grabbed that deal, too - just being a Gene Vincent (and Cliff) fan! The tribute band sounds like a cool idea, too, not many of them around (here) anymore! And yes, that's a very Gallup-alike chord to play with...


Congratulations on a beautiful guitar and a sweet deal. Good idea, another excuse, as long as it leads to another Gretsch guitar, it's all good!


IMO the current Gretsches are possibly the best they've ever been. They just keep getting better. Old Gretsches can be beautiful but always seem to have an issue or two. The only issue I can find with my recent Gretsches is that they're too shiny.

I've noticed that they are continually tweaking things - My Jet (a '19) is markedly better than previous Japanese Jets I have owned - the chambering is more extensive and more historically accurate (apparently) and the guitar sounds better than my previous Jets. The colour of the back is a different shade of brown now - darker and less red, and I like it. TV Jones Pickups come standard on my model. The nut is a better material and better cut than previously. The bridge in pinned but still movable back and forth for intonation. The electronics have a very good treble bleed on the master volume. The finish is impeccable apart from being too shiny - oh what a problem!

In the past 20 years - well maybe since Fender took over marketing and distribution - we have seen continuous improvement. This has to be a rarity. Go Gretsch!


I was looking for one of those when I got my '53 RI. I liked the additional depth, the script logo and logo-less pickguard, and the T'Armonds, but the lacquer finish on the CG is a very attractive feature too! At that price, I'm sure I would have gotten it instead.


Gasmoney with a modern Gretsch? The end-days are near.


Nice looking jet!

Am I right in thinking that original 50s Jets have a black plastic layer over the maple top rather than being painted black?

If so I presume they don't do the reissues that way?

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