Modern Gretsch Guitars

NGD and back from a hiatus


Oh aye,i love the aged binding and aged inlays on mine,and the neck plays/feels really nice ,it just always looked too shiny ,if ya know what i mean.

I was actually contemplating trading it for the VS for a week or three,but i knew that was stupid as i'd get nothing for it ,and if i bought the new one i just know i wouldn't sell mine, it eventually sold in their sale for 2K,it came in at £2899.

I'm happy enough with my geet.


The DSWs are cool guitars. My edge goes to the 55 for the stock TV Jones.

I wish the neck was slightly thicker.


I have an 06 DSW and it has a thin neck which I really love as I have gotten older, I just don't like thick necks anymore.


Messing around with the 6120-55 and 6120-59 yesterday and I noticed the frets on the 55 are larger than the 59. Was this so with the older DSW vs LTV?


I was looking at that same Guitar! But, I recently bought a Gretsch George Harrison Duo Jet with Dyna Sonics so I figured I should get something different.. I got an Aged Olympic White Fender American Vintage '69 Thinline Telecaster.. Goes great with my Gretsch!!!

Congratulations on tha Beauty!!!!! Enjoy the heck out of it!!!


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