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NGD-an Oops Country Club stays in the family!


Well, that was quick. I bought this yesterday on reverb. Imagine my surprise when I got up this morning to see that this beautiful blonde Dyna equipped Country Club was “out for delivery”. UPS ground is fast when shipping to me from anywhere on the east coast. I never thought I would own such a beautiful instrument. It’s perfect elegance belies it’s kick ass attitude. This is the Oops one from this thread.

When I popped open the case and saw this beauty, I took it out and spotted an autographed pic of Peter Asher. Cool.

So I knocked myself out with the spectacular tone. Plays like it wants to be played. I toasted my good fortune in a very “Roundup” way. With Yuengling Lager, of course.


A bucket list guitar. Congrats! Have a lager for me.


OK Grump, one more, just for you.


I'll drink to that.


WOW!!! Gorgeous!! That's the kind of Club that has been on my bucket list for a long time!

Curious about the Cadillac/Falcon tailpiece.... Not knocking it -- I simply don't recall seeing one on a Club.

Congratulations on landing a fabulous guitar!! Enjoy....!

Living in Yuenglingland myself, you picked the perfect way to celebrate your new and fabulous guitar!


I’m pretty sure it’s an add on, like the pickguard. It would look really nice on a CadieGreen one, wouldn’t it?


Gorgeous. A classic look. Did it come with the original tailpiece and pickguard?



Bob, did Jay install a Tonestyler on the tone pot of that guitar?


Not sure, Bob. How can you tell? The tones are incredible. The tone knob is quite usable, delivering many nice tones. I put my phone in the f hole. That’s the tone pot in the background.


If this is what you are talking about, then no.


Check out the binding.

– Bob Howard

Beautiful Bob, same as I have on my SC. It's very classy, and the matching binding on the guard adds to the elegance!


Dave, I knew you’d like the bound guard.


Perfect elegance sums it up nicely. I’m having a beer right now on behalf of this purchase. I’d be honored if you joined me in another one yourself in honor of this momentous occasion.


Ok, Joe, but 3’s my limit tonight. Cheers!

It is elegant, ain’t it. I’m underdressed.


Blonde, underdressed. TMI. Cheers


Nice cigar box collection, too!

Gorgeous guitar.


That's just beautiful, Bob! I vote to keep the pickguard.


Congrats again, Cap'n Bob. That's the real thing right 'ere, 'at's what that is. I predict many happy hours of musical satisfaction.


Dave, I knew you’d like the bound guard.

– Bob Howard

Thanks Bob. On a lot of vintage models where the pickguard isn't bound and is either dark or tort, at least to me, it draws my eye to it as if something's missing. My multi-bound guard looks elegant against the lovely tort pickguard, tort body binding, & aged natural finish, and this CC looks equally elegant! It just looks right! With Dynas, it gives a nice vintage look to the guitar.


Very nice indeed. Congrats and welcome to the Oops club.


I love these blonde clubs. Enjoy you beautiful guitar!


Here's your pick guard, Bob. Blonde on blonde.


Thanks, fellas.

Tim, you are more than a little responsible for my current big, pickin’ grin, so thanks muchly.

Dave, I love the bound guard. I just wish it was a tad more Gretsch shaped, but I’m getting over it. I love the look of a big, old, blonde with tort binding like yours and Rob’s. The look of Crowbone’s blonde Jet with tort surrounds first intrigued me. Then Paul Pigot’s custom and then playing Rob’s in Nashville sealed the deal. I think could make do with a nice photo.

GG, proud to be amoung ya.

NJ, blonde on blonde is my motto.


Gorgeous. A classic look. Did it come with the original tailpiece and pickguard?


– Caliban335

No, but that’s ok.

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