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NGD A Christmas Gift 2006 Gretsch 6120 DSW


Congrats...that's a seriously cool guitar. My 6116PTV Power Tenny is an '06 the Chairman of the Board sang "It was a very good year......"


Thanks everyone for the congrats!

JC yeah I heard so many great things about the 55 but it’s out of my price range and I took to this one the moment I tried it so I went with this.

seno, I plan not to change the Dynas but I am open to the idea of doing so if I get to dry the VS55 and hear how the upgraded pickups sound. I hope to try some. How do the SD compare to the TV Jones Dynas?


By the way, I’ve only tried a guitar with vintage Dynas before but that was about 25 years ago so it’s hard for me to compare how mine sounds compared to vintage Dynas but I could only guess the vintage sounds better. I think that TV Jones or SD Dynas would sound more closely to vintage Dynas.

This is the exact color and model of Gretsch I tried. It was a beauty.


Love it! Congratulations and enjoy it!


IIRC 2006 is when Gretsch got Chet back (except for the Tenny, thankyousomuchgibson), so you've got a bit of history there and a real beauty. Buffing out the scratches on the headstock is easily done. The Club is the same depth but a 17" body and the neck is longer at 25.5" so as you noted it wouldn't be as light and lively as a 6120 or the '56 6189 Streamliner in your photo.


Great choice....congrats! I have a 2014 DSW, and will never get rid of favorite all-time Gretsch.


Thanks guys for the congratulations. Great guitar.

lx thanks for clearing that up. That explains why Chet Atkins signature is on my guitar.

Dynas are aesthetically are works of art. Mid Century Modern Art. Beautiful. Mechanically the are Engineering marvels.


How do the SD compare to the TV Jones Dynas? ThePolecats

I've never had an opportunity to compare the two "side by side". My general sense is that they are VERY similar.

A few years ago (maybe more???) Proteus posted a "shoot-out" (comparison) of the two, both installed on Caddy Green Duo Jets. I could not find the link for that thread -- it may have been trashed by "the crash"...... If you email Proteus he could probably share his experience.


senojnad, thanks for the info. I just found the video. They sound a little different but not a lot. Also thanks Tim Proteus for the comparrison.

Here is one part of the comparison

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