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NGD A Christmas Gift 2006 Gretsch 6120 DSW


I didn’t receive this as a Christmas Present but bought it myself but tis the season and it just so happened I got this during the Christmas Season, so I might just consider it as a Christmas Gift to myself.

I once had a Country Club with Dynas, the ones that were made about 2005 but weren't really in any literature, so it existed but didn't. It was a great guitar. My understanding was that these had solid top. This was about 10 years ago I sold it but was having some seller's regret many years later. Recently I have been thinking that I loved that guitar and loved Dynas. P90s are my favorite but I also love Dynas and have a P90 archtop already and have had many in the past so I wanted another Dyna model. So as long as I found any Gretsch with Dynas that was reasonably priced and I liked then I'd get it. It could have been a Club, a Jet, or in this case a 6120. I just didn't expect to get one so soon.

So on the Guitar Center website I see this one for $1,620 at a GC about 20 miles from my home. I check it out on Nov 21st and put it on layaway then go back last Thursday and pick it up. Decided to use my GC credit card with 0% interest for 6 months. I could buy it outright if I want to but I figured why not just take advantage of no interest for 6 months.

The guitar was pretty much mint. In a photo I am posting of the headstock it appears to maybe have some scratches on the headstoock, I think from previous string changes, but looking at it in person you don't notice, only in the pics. It came with original case. "Case Candy" I think it's called. The OK card, manual and other paperwork. Also an extra Bigsby spring, the truss rod adjustment tool, and something else that I forget at the moment.

I really like it. The guitar acoustically is very lively and tone-full. The serial # starts off as JT06 so it's a Fender era Gretsch made in 2006 at Terada. I am not sure if they went to 3 ply top by then or if it is 5 ply but just from the sound alone and the liveliness I can only believe it is a 3 ply. Oddly enough the pickguard says "Chet Atkins" even though I was led to believe that Chet Atkins rejoined Gretsch in 2008, or should I say his estate. If that's the case then the previous owner must have purchased a Chet Atkins pickguard and replaced it and didn't change it back when he sold it to GC. Or maybe I am wrong, maybe Atkins was brought back in, in 2006?


Average price of these used is about $1,750 I believe. I am guessing because I saw some sold in the past for about these prices - $1550, $1,600, $1700, $1750, $1,800, and even as high as $1,900. I didn't do the math to get an exact average but I'd say about $1,7500 or so average price. So I thought I got a good price. It just depends on the market and how bad the seller wants to sell.

The GC salesman said that they had it for two months and haven't dropped the price once because it takes six months if not sold for it to be dropped although at the GC website it said it was a price drop from about $1,850 but I forgot the exact amount but it's somewhere about that. So why did it say price drop if the salesman said it hadn't been dropped? I don't know. He also said there was no interest in the guitar whatsoever until the day I came in there. The day I came in he said someone called about it earlier before I stopped in. When I got there much to my chagrin there was a guy testing it out, then I put it on layaway. So it's odd no interest for two months then one day three people including myself interested and I buy it.


Nice one! Comgrats!


Beautiful guitar! I love Dyna's.


Yes! Congratulations, Sir. May this be a guitar you acquire, fall in love with, and DON’T sell even though you know it’s a special one. We’ve discussed it previously, so we both know there’s some mojo that came from the 2005-2006 Gretsch lines. Looking at your pics made me miss my DSW. I’ve owned several Gretsch guitar, and the one I miss most is the DSW.


Congrats on acquiring a mighty fine spec-i-mine! Play 'er in good health!


Wonderful! My first Gretsch ever was a dream guitar for me, a DSW made around the same time as yours! Enjoy!


Congrats! That's a sweet one! That 0% for six months is cool. Definitely worth taking advantage of.


Thanks guys for the congrats.

Troy, I plan on keeping this and not selling it. I learned my lesson by selling the Country Club.

I will say that the Country Club and the 6120 seem very different in sound. I guess it's because the Club was a bigger body and the top was spruce and supposedly solid spruce. I would say the Club was a bit "warmer" if you will, but I think that's another word for darker.. The 6120 is livelier and snappier. Also the Club was a bigger body at 17 inch across and depth, not sure but it may be the same or bigger. The neck if I can recall was bigger on the Club, thicker and maybe a longer scale but I would have to research that unless some of you know.

I love the Western motif. I know from my research that many don't like it but I do. I love the itching in the inlays of the western icons like cactus and steer's head. Oh the steer's head on the headstock is a nice touch. The G brand is very cool indeed. Chet Atkins didn't like it and even though he had input into the design of the guitar it seems as if they didn't consult him about the Western motif because had they I am sure he would have not okayed it. Those guys in Brooklyn figured he was a country guy and would like that, but those Northerners didn't think because he was from the Southeast meaning farms and pigs and things like that but Southwest means ranches, cattle and cowboys. Big difference. Maybe had he been from Lubbock, Texas for example, the Western motif would have been cool, but he was from the Southeast and that didn't fly. I'm glad they did that back in the '50s though because that made this guitar the way it was being based on the early 6120.

I love the color too. I have had quite a few Gretsches over the years but only one was orange and that was a circa 1999 or 1998 Pre-FMIC 6120 TM meaning Tiger Maple. It was okay but not as nice as this. That one the body seemed boxy like a 1970s Gretsch and the pickups didn't seem so good for FilterTrons. Oh yeah the headstock looked not right, like it was wider than it should. I believe I got it for $1,200 off eBay back in 2001. Was nice for my first Gretsch but compared to all the ones I have had since then it was just okay. I sold it because I got a 1965 Gretsch Country Club that had a Bigsby. But the shade of orange on this new DSW I got is really nice.

I have no plans on changing the pickups to T-Armonds because one, I like the way it sounds and 2, I have no idea what T--Armonds sound like. I heard some on YouTube but it's hard to tell in a video what they really sound like.


Hot dang, that's nice. Congrats!


Nice grab!

Congrats and enjoy!


VERY NICE!!!!!!! Congratulations and enjoy!!

OK, I'll confess that I was one of those who didn't like the "cowboy stuff" for most of my life. HOWEVER, that changed the very first time I opened the case when my 6120T-'55 VS arrived a little over a year ago. My reaction became "WOW!!" in a hurry. See full story here:

Re: Dynas....... Beautiful sound is in the ear of the listener........ I personally prefer the sounds & tones of "upgraded" Dynas (TV Jones, Seymour Dunca) to the stock Gretsch Dynas. Admittedly, my only first-hand experience was with my Dyna-equipped Duo Jet. I swapped the stock PU's for Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Dynas. The difference is sound was pretty dramatic....... My 14-month-old 6120 has TV Jones Dynas which I love.

HOWEVER -- given that you're happy with the sound you have, stick with it. If you ever find an opportunity to play the Vintage Select '55, then take your guitar and do some A/B comparisons. That may be easier said than done..... When I was in the hunt, I found NO dealers within a hundred miles of my home (eastern PA). I ended up buying it from Wildwood Guitars in CO.


Congratulations! I have a 2011 DSW and wouldn't part with it for anything. You made a great choice!


Back in the day when I acquired the 6120RHH that was the other option...

Good for You!


That's a great looking guitar. Congrats on your NGD.


Congrats Pole!

Great great guitar,i love mine,bought new in 07 .

I was tempted to trade mine when my local got a 55 VS in,but i decided not to bother cause i'd get a bum deal in the trade.

The thing i don't like about mine is that it's a bit plasticy looking,wasn't a deal breaker as i knew when i bought it that it was poly,but still...

I always loved the western stuff on the 55 6120,it's just soo cool!


Well ain't you something? I give this one 21 thumbs up.

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