Modern Gretsch Guitars

NGD 59 Vintage Select


My Black 6120 DSV with the T-Armond single coils is for me the sound I like the most. It has a sound post instead of trestle bracing, a U shaped neck with 10-46 strings. The 59VS has V shaped neck and TV Filtertron pickups. It is heavier with the trestle bracing and I am using 11-49 strings.Both guitars with the difference in neck shapes play very easy to me. Both guitars capture the Gretsch sound and hard for me to say which one I like more? They are definitely cool guitars!


UD, you have a great example of “best of both worlds” with these two guitars. They’re both keepers.


Baba Joe,

Yes these guitars are keepers for sure and you mentioned eactly what I was trying to say. They are the best of both worlds. I now have six guitars and these two are being played the most!


UD ( Uncle Don)

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