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NGD - ‘59 Vintage Select Country Club


Got one of these on the way...anyone else have one?

I've had guitars with the TV Classics before, so I know the sound well, but never have played a Country Club. I noticed that it has a slightly longer scale length than say, a 6120. Does that make much of a difference in sound, or is it mostly just a different feel?


Both. The "feel" varies by each player. Some aren't bothered by scale length, some are.

As far as tone, there is a difference because of the scale length and the 17" body. It'll sound "big"

Enjoy it


If the chord selection for your playing includes the likes of the first chord (& played throughout the song) of Cascade, a great Chet tune, then the difference in scale lengths might - does for me - make a difference in whether you can make the stretch or not.

I just measured the distance from the tops of the frets, between the 1st & 4th frets using my Gibson Country Gent - 25.5" scale - and my Super Chet - 24.6" scale - and the difference is .120" Might not sound like much but trust me, for stretch chords in say the first 5 frets, it makes a difference. Now if your little finger is longer than normal as Chet's was, then you won't have a problem, so whether it makes a difference or not would depend on what style you're playing and how long your left hand pinkie is.


For me the scale length is a big deal. I have played many, many Gretsches, Gibsons and fenders over the years - and even acoustic guitars of various scale lengths - and have found that I generally much prefer the shorter scale sound.

I first became aware of this when trying acoustic steel string guitars - and finding that the 25 1/2" scale guitars all had that Martin-ish jangle, whereas the shorter scale acoustics had more Gibson "chunk" to the sound. Also noticed that when I got a beautiful Gretsch CC it just didn't have the aggressive tones of my 6120. I bought a Taylor GS Mini for my son (23 1/2" scale) and it has a fabulous chunky tone, which I actually like better than the bigger Taylor guitars.

I much prefer the tones I get from a Gibson 225 or 175 over the L5, strangely enough. I like a chunky, less subtle tone! The longer scales have a more refined, "nicer" sound which to me is less rock'n'roll. It could well be that the more sophisticated sound is what you are looking for, so 25 1/2" could be just right for you. I guess a Strat or a Tele won't sound right unless they are 25 1/2".

I can play both, but like shorter scale tones better. It all comes down to what you want to hear when you hit that string.


Thanks for the input, guys. I think it'll work out pretty well....I have played both scale lengths on other guitars, like my Tele and Les Paul, but this will be my first Gretsch with a longer scale. Tavo had a video demo'ing his Setzer Phoenix, and he seemed to dig the longer scale, so I'll be in good company


I get on quite fine with both scale lengths. Where I notice it, in particular, however, is in the feel of the guitar. With the longer scale length models, the strings are tighter. Sometimes, after playing the longer scale length guitar, if I play a 6120 model, the strings feel almost mushy to me. Again, it is all a tactile thing for me.


i'll be watching this with some interest. all of my electrics are shorter scale and all of my acoustics are longer scale, so i don't have valid information to act on or share. i've really wanted to find out, but try as i might, i haven't gotten a long scale electric yet.

these new clubs are thinner than the old ones, no? any other major differences, aside from the electronics? a neck shape comparison would be great, too.


Finally arrived, yesterday. The longer scale doesn't seem to give me any problems, which is good. I notice that it's a bigger stretch in places, and the strings are a bit stiffer, which someone mentioned earlier. Definitely a different beast, but in a good way...looks and sounds great, too.


Just out of curiosity, do the strings only feel stiffer in the 25.5" length on a Gretsch style guitar? I only ask because I have a silver jet and a strat with the same strings, and the strat feels looser to me

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