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I got the Gretsch bug bad lately and couldn’t resist this one that recently popped up at Dave’s Guitars. Stock with TV Jones Classics. I already grabbed a Compton, from a member here of course, that I hope to see before the weekend. Here’s a sample. Using 2 amps. Blackface Princeton with 12” vintage JBL and an Ebo Del Rio 1x12- Stereo preamp/splitter- Vintage Korg SDD-3000 digital Delay-Ebo E-Verb Tube reverb-Vemuram Jan Ray pedal.Link


Nice! Man I’d leave that guitar as is.....


Sweet find! Congrats! Looks like you're having your way with her already.


Nice! Man I’d leave that guitar as is.....

– Hipbone

No harm in dropping a Compton or tru-arc on. My 3 other Gretsch’s all have Tru-Arc’s and I love them. 2 came with them, the 3rd did not it most definitely improved the tone so....... I do like the look of the space control though.


Congratulations on the new guitar guitar, Brian! It's beautiful, and it sounds great with the TVJ Classic's.


Hard to get much cooler than a Falcon that’s the colour of money!


Sounds and looks terrific! Congratulations!


Very cool! Congrats!


Awesome! A Falcon and a Country Club had a baby!


I saw that at Dave’s and fantasized, for a second, of selling all of guitars to acquire it. Congrats, I’ll bet it’s amazing.


Gorgeous. Congrats on the new guitar.


Fantastic guitar Brian! Gorgeous! I've got the exact same one, but in seafoam green and with a '55 neck (so it has the vertical logo and the winged inlays). Body is a '59 though, exactly the same as yours! A Stephen Stern relic custom shop falcon. Love it!


that looks and sounds about exactly as one should. i congratulate you. that's something special.


Really nice guitar and playing Brian!

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