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NGD!! 53 VS Duo Jet


So I'm back in the Gretsch club, just picked up a new 53 VS duo jet from Guitar Emporium in Louisville, KY. Wow, this thing is beautiful, and light! Will post pics when I get it home


Congrats! And welcome back.

– Bob Howard

Traded that LP I sold you the 6129 to get lol, I missed the gretsch sound and feel too much


Welcome back!


Back, looks like one piece to me


Very cool. Love that script logo.


Haven't plugged it in yet cause its a little late, but been playing it for hours now. Put some fresh strings on and this is acoustically the loudest electric guitar I've ever had, the extra body depth and extensive chambering make this thing ring and vibrate like crazy. Out of the box the nut and frets are perfect, as is the rest of the fit and finish; neck is dead straight with no buzzing. Easy to play would be an understatement. Someone else posted here that their 53's neck was not too big or small, just "there," and I tend to agree, thats the perfect way to put it. Having a pinned bridge is awesome as well. Can't wait to hear the T-Armonds tomorrow through my Princeton


Big congrats! Love that guitar.I really regret selling my Dyna Jet and the new '53 is spec'd out better than the 6128TDS I wish I still had. It's gonna sound amazing through your Princeton.


Congrats ,That's a beauty!


I'm in love with it, the new chambering is amazing, very distinct sound


Duo Jet + Princeton = Big Fun.


Anyone else like digital delay more than analog? My aqua puss was always my number one delay but with this setup I'm finding that I much prefer my digital Mooer Re-Echo on the tape setting, much clearer; the aqua puss seems to add this breakup and high end whine that's a bit messy with this rig

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