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NGD: 2011 Silver Jet to Complement My Black Falcon!


I work at a church as a Student Pastor here in the South Atlanta Area, and I also play ALOT for our band on Sundays, so I'm constantly chasing "that tone" that can melt your face or bring you to tears.

For about a year now, I've swapped guitar after guitar after guitar, all just searching for "that sound," and I found it with my first Gretsch. Well, my dream guitar was a Black falcon, and I've always loved Silver Jets as well.

After getting my Falcon, I recently traded for my "new" Silver Jet, and man. I couldn't ask for a better duo to play with on Sundays! They hold gain well, and with some ambient reverb behind them.. there's just nothing better to look at or listen to! Love these guitars, and they will be in my collection forever!


These will most definitely create a joyful noise! Congratulations!


Congrats ,great lookin' pair!


Holy Heck, those are nice! Congrats!

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