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NGD: ‘03 G6134B!


I've been wanting a Penguin for a long time and finally got one. I'll take some pics later, but have a few pics for those in the know. The previous owner put in TV Jones Classics in the Dynasonic mounts. I'm going to put the original Dynasonics back in, but it looks like he flipped the orientation of the bridge mount, so that the pickup is tilted towards the bridge, it should be tilted towards the neck (i.e. more parallel with the strings), correct?


Congratulations on the Penguin, Boyter, those sure are snazzy looking guitars. I've been admiring that particular guitar for a long time. They are the top of the line!

Unless there is some odd reason for it not to be, I would think that the top of the bridge pickup should be level with the strings.


i think the baby classics (and supertrons) look neat. give them a shot.

and while not a penguin owner, i'm also not aware that these things tilted one way or the other. mine are all parallel to the strings. maybe there's something under there? or a bit of some squishy foam or a mousepad might be needed to even it out? i'm having trouble picturing it.


It turns out that the spacer beneath the pickup was the problem. I corrected that and now they are level. Thanks.

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