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Newish 6122-1959s Waffles or Trestles? Case Closed!


Today was a NGD for me. I haven't even made a post about that yet, but I got a new 6122-1959 in the mail this afternoon. If you've followed any of my posts you'll know I have a love hate relationship with that model. Love is winning.

But that's another issue.

I was reading through some of the archived posts and we have documented pictures of the 6122-1959 with waffle braces. Yet some have stated their particular models do indeed have trestles. So I took this one apart tonight.

It's certainly lacking waffles and appears to have the same braces my 6120-1959 LTV has. Gretsch has even added the padded pickup surrounds, which are lacking on the models pictured here in the archives of the 6122-1959 with the waffle braces.

I have to say I'm happy about this. The guitar is lighter 8lbs on the nose and this is the way Chet's original would have been.


Thanks for the info and great pics, CaptainVideo!

I'm not an expert on the trestle-style of braces, but it looks to me like those are trestles in there, Right?

I'm very intrigued by this news. I've long suspected that what's in mine is the waffle system, but now it seems unlikely. I'll have to take a peek in there to verify, and I'll get back with the findings. Whatever is in there, sure is Great, cuz it's among the sweetest sounding rigs I've ever come across!




That's one flamey top right there. Nice score!


I recently purchased a 6122-1962 model and I am not to happy with the pickups,I'm seriously considering buying the 59,how is the neck is it comfortable,hopefully it's the same neck as the 6122-1962.Thanks


cuba, the neck on the 59 is slightly wider at the nut to facilitate fingerpicking. It's comfortable, but the difference in feel is noticeable. It feels like a bigger guitar.

The scale length is 25.5" as well, so there's more string tension and it feels tighter than the 62 at 24.6"

The 59 also has a somewhat more focused, richer tone, with a more solid low end.

If you really like the feel of the 62, you'd be better off swapping the pickups. You could get the set in the '59 (SuperTron at the neck, Filtertron Plus at the bridge) from TV Jones.

The 59 is a fabulous guitar, one of the finest in the Gretsch line – but if you love everything about the 62 except the pickups, you might want to try the 59 before deciding to change guitars, to see if you like the feel and vibe.


I'm more concerned about the thickness of the neck,when checking out the specs of both guitars on the Gretsch website the neck specs are identical,nut width and I'm confused?



I'm more concerned about the thickness of the neck,when checking out the specs of both guitars on the Gretsch website the neck specs are identical,nut width and I'm confused?


– cuba5700

I'm more concerned about the thickness of the neck,when checking out the specs of both guitars on the Gretsch website the neck specs are identical,nut width and I'm confused?


– cuba5700

Wow! You're right! Gretsch has them speced with the same nut width. I'll have to measure mine for you.


Alright. Mine is 1 3/4 nut width. I can go from that to my 6120 which is the standard nut width with no issues. However more noticable than the nut width is the scale length and larger frets.


If the nut widths are the same now, one or the other has changed. I have both guitars, and they're unquestionably different.

In terms of neck thickness, front to back...that's about the same.


The specs are not correct on the Gretsh site for the '59 Gent. Wider neck, longer scale than the '62 or any 6120.


Even though CaptainVideo proved his Country Gent has trestle-bracing, I just had to take a peek into my 6122-1959 to see how she's built.

Trestle-bracing it is! - And she is from June of 2009: - Serial Number JT09062518.

Thanks again, CaptainVideo, for the info, and for inspiring me to take a peek into mine. I'd been thinking it likely she had the waffle-bracing, but it's good to know the Truth!

But I must say, I love the sound of my waffle-braced Country-Classic (Single cutaway) just as much!

EDIT: The only thing I clearly like about the 6122-1959 more than the Country Classic (Single cutaway) is the wider nut and fretboard. I think GreTscH should offer this feature on many other guitar models besides this one!

OK, the awesome burgundy color and Tiger-striped Maple are Great! - and the pick-ups, - But I Truly LOVE the plain 'Walnut' and Real F-holes of the Classic, as well. And it Sounds Fantastic!


Is that the one with the Alumitones? Or was that your T-Rose, "Minerva Rosie"? How did that project work out?


Strummerson, Sometimes you're such a comedian! - You've never known my Tennessee Rose to be named '"Minerva Rosie,"' - The only name you've known associated with it is the much more better Athena Rosa! - The Romans had their strongpoints, for sure, - but the Ancient Greeks were The Originals! 8-)

And yes of course it's the Tennessee Rose that's getting the Lace Alumitones installed. You remember. I'm sure. You own one too. Surely you recall that I bought it specifically for the Alumitones project. (It sounds Great with its waffle-bracing.)

Kind of a stretch to wrangle that off-topic subject into this thread. I didn't know you cared. ;-)

Some projects got put on hold for a while. But (hopefully) I'll be getting to it before long.......... :)

Thanks :)


OK, - It seems the trestle-braced Country Gentleman 6122-1959 is winning the battle over the waffle-braced Country Classic I 6122S (single-cutaway).

But I'm abandoning over-analyzing them. I just want to forget about comparing them and just let things be, - to let time and patience sort things out, - to just play and enjoy them...........


For me personally, I like what trestle bracing adds to the guitar and how it increases the sustain on all notes, even those above the 12th fret. But waffle bracing still has its place. I looked at the specs of the 6120 CGP and it shows "Waffle" Bracing. This was another guitar designed with input from Paul Yandell and was based on Chet Atkins solid top "Red" 6120.


Thanks a lot for your informative and useful input into this subject, Northern_Twang.

It's much appreciated.

Tom - Stingker

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