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New WF Rancher Acoustic … WANT TO BUY!!!


OK, I haven't actually "purchased" a guitar in decades, (although several great ones have been given to me), but ... I'm working an unexpected long hour full time BUT SHORT TERM (1.5 months) job that'll net me enough cash for Christmas, new bathrooms and a couple sheckles left over for some personal indulgences ... like a new amp (already got a Rivera), a new pedal or two, new custom cables, and a NEW GUITAR (Yay me!!!). I have 13 electrics and I rarely play with the band anymore, but I'm a 3 - 4 night/week acoustic gigger with but one work axe ... a '75 Guild G-37 archback acoustic. I'm ready to give the Guild a well deserved break (maybe even send it to a refinisher) and acquire a backup. I've always wanted a white guitar, and the WF Rancher looks sweet and with Fishman electronics it may sound good, and for roughly $600 (am I close) it could do the trick. But, I'd like some discussion from actual users out there ... ANYBODY??? Here's a pis of my Guild. Bought it new in '75. Still a great axe, but ... 42 years of good work ... its earned a season off. I'm just sayin'. And I'd like to remain true to my G-Brand roots. Help a brother out ... give me some feedback.


This Summer I bought a Black Falcon Rancher. Great sound - resonant but not bass boomy. The electronics also has a built in tuner (convenient). I've played it at a couple events, and everybody was complementary about its sound and looks - the gold sparkle binding is mesmerizing. I couldn't be happier.


Where are these Ranchers made? I am soooo wanting one, but need some type of quality.


I think they are made in Indonesia, but I'm not positive.


Can we clarify if we're talking about the older large, pro-line 6022 White Falcon Rancher, or the current 5022? Cause that could change the answer quite a bit, I think.


Bax,I would guess he’s talking the current lineup when he says new ‘for $600’. I had two of the early 2000’s proline Rancher,full and cutaway body and I favored the full body.The cutaway I had just sound ..well bad and I’ve only heard two of these models that sounded pretty damn good in a live setting and that was Wayne Hancock when he used his live and Jack White. This new one personally I like better,not near as thin sounding especially after some bone pins and saddle were put in.However I ran across a new 5024 a few months ago for a steal and I like it even better than the WF Rancher..has a really nice warm thump ,again with some proper pins and saddle.

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