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New video of Steve Wariner walking you through his new sig. model G…


Could be one of Steve's originals. I've never heard Chet play it either.


Oops.....I should have looked a little closer. He starts that tune at about 1:03. I pulled out all my Chet boxed sets, and I don't think it was included. Or maybe I missed it. Pretty tune.

– Jim Krause

This might be an original. It has a great resemblance to many old tunes but just enough different to be new onto itself. Catchy little number though and I'm already thinking of parts of it to put into some things I've written.


I like the specs on the guitar as well, but not sure about the finish. I'd have to see it in person. I really like the decision to go with master tone & volume.

– Caliban335

The finish is very subtle in person. I like it although I am not sure that I would go out of my way to acquire it at this point. But, it is pretty cool.


Honestly, I never heard of Steve Wariner but damn I really, really dig the specs on this guitar.


I like the approach of combining features that could appeal 2 different generations (father & son). He also mentioned Jeff Senn contributing to the spec. If I am not mistaken he is collaborating with Eastwood guitars.

A small detail that I really like is the matching pickguard and trussrod cover.


Some more amazing coverage of this guitar and more...

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