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Holy Crap! I just received my new Gretsch g5222 Electromatic Double Jet BT today, and all I can say is why didn't I look at Gretsch Guitars 35 years ago? One of my hero's Billy Zoom played one, and my other Malcolm Young played one, and Brian Setzer, Eddie Cochran, and countless others played one, and I never even considered owning one until now. How I have been missing out. I absolutely LOVE this guitar. The build quality is amazing, the sound is awesome, and the playability is IMO is hands down better than any Gibson or Fender I own. I am totally hooked. Now I want to own one of every model they make. Everyone on this forum has known how great they are, and now I do too. Couldn't be happier!-Cheers.


Congrats. Of course you know that now that you drank the cool-aid there IS no turning back. One of every model? Hmmm, sounds like a plan to me. Enjoy!


Thank you General_Lee. Yeah, one of every model, I'll be saving every penny I earn to be able to do that. I do know I will at some point pick another one up. All I can say is I'm really impressed with this guitar. I really thought I was rolling the dice on this one, and I feel like I came up a big winner, like having a $1000.00 bucks on box cars on the craps table and hitting it.


Better check my investment portfolio myself. I've been developing a serious Jones for the EC model I recently spotted at a Quest Musique store (see "I really love this guitar" thread). At $4000 with taxes though, it's not exactly pocket change. Still, once that Gretsch fever hits...


AHHHHHH! I think I've got a fever, and the only prescription is, more Gretsch guitars. (Say like Christopher Walken for "More Cowbell")


Welcome to all things Gretsch! Perhaps have a look at the hollowbodies, Fender has nothing to compare them with. There's always the iconic 6120 re-issues - various versions - or a Country Gent, Country Club, Anniversary or Falcon. Best Gent is the 6122-59 a faithful recreation of Chet's, best suited for fingerstyle work though.


Welcome to the best guitar forum on the planet!


Howdy, Kevin!

Now, how about some pics of that geetar?


Welcome to the crazy addiction! There is no rehab.


Welcome up! We're as excited for you as you are and like Crowbone says "Pic's or it didn't happen."

If you do get an itch for a Hollow Body the G54** series are great guitars at a great price. Now you've got that Great Gretsch sound in your head, the inspiration begins.


Welcome, and don't worry about the 35 year thing. I owned a Gretsch for 42 years before I woke up and learned to appreciate it. Enjoy the years (and Gretsch guitar models) to come! And yes, please, some pics!


Welcome. You'll like it around here.
Olivia Anne


thank you to everyone. I'm sure I'm going to love it here. I will post some pic's as soon as i can figure out how. i'm a little computer illiterate. I still play with vacuum tubes.


Above where you post text just click on the yellow camera. Only one pic per post and include at least one character of text. If you get a chance, add her to our Database


Here she is. A g5222 BT Double Jet. I know I listed it in the database as a 2020 g6131, but that's because the g5222 wasn't an option. Maybe too new of a model and the database needs to be updated? Thank you for telling me how to get a photo uploaded.


Welcome and congrats. Nice entry. It won’t be your last Gretsch. You can delete the second picture post by hitting the reply link and then choose delete. Congrats.


Thank you Baba Joe. Yeah I'm sure it won't be my last. I really like this guitar. After playing it for a day, I have noticed a bit of neck dive, but I think I can resolve that with a leather guitar strap, and I really have to do a proper set up and get the 12-54's that I usually play on it instead of the factory 10's. + The 12's will beef up the tone a little bit. Other than that, I love the guitar. The neck feels great!


Sweet guitar. I have a similar beast, in this ole gal. I had neck dive issues and moved the strap peg to the back of the neck instead of it coming off the upper bout. Not suggesting that you do this, just saying it solved the issue. Those Broad-Trons have a unique voicing of their own.


Congratulations and welcome, Kevin! Welcome to the crack den.


Welcome aboard, Kevin, and congratulations on the new guitar! I also became enlightened (to Gretsch guitars) later in life, and I had a similar reaction. I came on board with a hollow body G5422, and it's unlike anything I've ever played. It may be consideration for your next Gretsch guitar, it's the top dog in the Electromatic series.


Beautiful! I like that color, enjoy.


I might move the strap button too, to eliminate the neck dive. I just haven't had it long enough to make the switch. I am liking the broadtrons, but I don't know any different. I do know people love the TV Jones pickups. So who knows, down the road I might swap 'em out. And yes, I am now looking at one of the hollow body Gretsch's. I have a feeling this is going to become an obsession that will never end, just like my 35 year obsession with my Fender Stratocasters. I think I finally have them where I want them, so that may be over.-Whew


Thank you to everyone for making me feel at home on the great forum!

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