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I have been a long time telecaster player but lately have found myself gravitating toward the almighty "G". I had tried a used 6120DS and loved the Dynasonic pickups but the Bigsby was locked up and difficult to move. I don't mind the unpinned bridge and the brass nut was a nice change too. My question is will there be that much difference in the 6120DS, 6120 DSW, 6120 Chet Atkins and the Duane Eddy? I know the DE will be the most different with the longer arm, arc bridge, trestle bracing and longer headstock. The pickups should essentially be the same? Thanks.


Welcome to the GDP. Your question deserves a more in-depth answer than I can give from my phone. So, I will simply welcome you. I hope you enjoy your time here.


Welcome to all things Gretsch! Glad to see another convert to the big [better!] G. I can't give you the answers regarding the different models you referred to, but I suggest you try out all of those models and see which fits your hand as different models have different neck profiles. The other features you mentioned can be highly overrated and will end up being unimportant if the neck doesn't fit your hand.

I'm sure others here can give you the low down on which models have which neck profiles.


Welcome.You'll like it here!


Welcome, you'll find tons of apple/ orange comparisons here, hang tight and enjoy!


Thanks everyone. The 6120DS felt great as far as the neck shape. The 2 6120DE's that I played at Chicago Music Exchange had great necks as well. I did notice a bit more noise behind the aluminum bridge of the DS model as opposed to the arc bridge on the DE. I know that can easily be changed out if it is a major problem. I have no way of trying the Chet Atkins model now.


When you said the Bigsby was "locked" did you mean a fixed arm Bigsby? The DE models have the trestle bracing which will cut feedback; pickups should be the same on the models you mentioned.


Welcome to our addiction.


I meant to say that the bar was seized up. It would swing but was not smooth at all. It was not fixed like the Eddie Cochran model.


Baiff, We're glad you found us and decided to stay. Nice bunch of folks here, now one better with your addition. Welcome. Olivia Anne


Welcome, Baiff. You'll find some pretty great people here with an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge.

BTW, I live in Chicago, so if you come up to visit CME again, or even Rock'n'Roll Vintage, I'd be happy to meet you.


Howdy! Welcome aboard!

So, Sox fan?


Thanks again everyone. Thanks Michael, I appreciate the offer. I will let you know when the next trip is. I have never been to R&R.

Wabash, I am not a Sox fan but then again I prefer hockey over baseball. Even more odd is that I have been a Pens fan for over 25 years. The last two have been quite good to me.


Just bought a mint used 6120DSW!!! Should be here next week. Thanks for everyones input and welcoming comments.


Congrats! I'll look forward to pics and your impressions.


Welcome to the right place


Well I received the 6120DSW and really like it. The Bigsby nut needs to be tightened to get a better/tighter wiggle but that is about it. I was considering getting locking tuners for stability and easier string changes. The 3x3 Hipshots with UMP look like a good inexpensive option. Anyone have any experience with them? I would rather not have to do any major reaming to the tuner holes if I don't have to. Thanks.


Here it is...


Glad you like your new toy! What's the issue with the tuners?? They should be just fine but the usual caution applies: don't modify if not necessary if you think you may want to sell it down the road. I just mean you won't realize a better selling price if you leave the different tuners on it.


Don't be hasty to start modifying your guitar because you are assuming that certain features of it won't be satisfactory. Instead, play it for several weeks. See what works and what doesn't work. You might possibly be surprised because the tuners are generally pretty good on the Gretsch Professional Series guitars. I have a few Gretsch guitars from that Series, including the G6120DSV (which is essentially the same as yours but without the G-brand and cactus inlays) and I have never experienced any problem with the tuners. Sta-Tites are good tuners.


welcome to the forum. that's pretty guitar you just got. as others have said, play it a little and get used to it before changing things on it. again, welcome to the forum.


Local poster Charlie Vegas has a great way of attaching strings: run the first loop above the string-through and the rest below; this locks the string in place as well as any mechanism.


Thanks everyone. I am not looking to get mod crazy since I just received it. The tuner change was more for an easier string change than tuning stability. It stays in tune really well even with moderate Bigsby-ing....if that is a word. I have already changed the strings once using a capo and putting a bend at the ball end and it wasn't too horrible. Down the road I wouldn't mind changing out the good hardware for silver but damn are those DS rings expensive!

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