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nice looking guitars. hope I get a chance to play one.


Worst. Sunburst. Ever.


Worst. Sunburst. Ever.

– Otter

Maybe, but not entirely historically inaccurate if you dig back to some of the American Orchestra models from the '30s...


Not a fan of that kind of sun burst, either. I just don't know what they were after back then. Glad they figured it out. It did have a sort of anachronistic charm to it, though.

Still like the baby penguin more. Was hoping it would be smaller than it is, though. These are all actual guitars, id like to see like an upscale Jim dandy or smaller.


I kinda like that burst. And they are more affordable than the KILLER LOOKING parlor penguin. But, for my needs - couch beater - I'll get one of these. Hopefully I can try out all of them to compare which suit me better. All have solid spruce tops - so, they should sound all similar...


Love the look of those, I like sunburst and love the binding. I've been looking for a parlour guitar for a long time, hope these will find their way here to the UK soon.


Ooooooooooooo, really diggin' that binding and tortoise shell. Soft V neck too?? NOICE. I may have to grab one of these...


I like all kinds of bursts, including this one. Looks like something you'd play in a boxcar while while seeing the country and singing about freedom during the depression.


And dig the tortoise shell headstock.


I've never been a fan of sunbursts, and that yellow looks more like an afterthought than anything else. But, the tort headstock looks great.


Don't get me wrong. I think these look really cool, but they have that period-correct half-assed sunburst you see on a lot of similar vintage guitars.

I wish they all had that slotted headstock.


Are there any practical advantages of the slotted headstock? It looks cool.


It gets you a slightly better break angle over the nut. I just think it looks cool.


Has anyone played any these and if so please do tell your experience? Does anyone know of online link of videos showing a demonstration? Sweetwater web site is only site I found to be able to show side by side comparison of the specs. If anyone knows of any reviews and comparison reviews please share links. I'm thinking on the 9511 parlor for my preference due it's the one in this series with thinnest body, lightest, it has neck radius I'd want in this type rig and it has the least frills makeup. I'd use it as a ---leave out grab and go guitar that I don't need worry about dinging up a lil. Yep, probably all three have a generally similar sound to most ears...

Besides specs provided on various sites and couple sales video presentations I found at online just web searching about these, I found nothing to hear any of them. My local stores don't carry any of these. I'd rather play on them or at the least hear them on videos and read up more on theses before just ordering them without more than I know so far.

If money were no object the 1937 recreation of Gibson L-00 would be my pick. But these Gretsch at $3-400 seem great deal. I think I was able to zoom in and see made in Indonesia, but zoom wouldn't get close enough for me to see fir sure where made.

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