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new red guitar day


Hello cheeky monkeys. This nice $360 overstock guitar arrived yesterday, very easy to play, a 2016 G2655 Streamliner Center Block Junior Double Cutaway in Flagstaff Sunset. Highly recommended.


Picture problems, gotta check on multiple picture posting.


No, you're a cheeky monkey. That's gorgeous, Congrats!


It's good to see a pirate with a new sword.

Ye canno' post more than pic per post under the new regime - unless you use independent online picture hosting and link via html.

No doubt you know how a pirate pays for his liquor?


Thank you very big, good Proteus, and a something to do with this?


Well, I shouldn't think he would have to brandish his blade at every port for his pint. He should only have to do that work on the high seas.

So when he gets to port, he'll already have scraped together some barrr-nickels to trade for his brew.



I assume you can pay for it.


Great guitars! I had one for a while. My buddy Skip has it now.


Lucky guy. I'm having an eye for a Torino green one.


My nephew traded his older 5120 for one of these in wine red; a very well made and impressive little beast.

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