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New player’s edition 6228 jets


Totally, I like them as another option from gretsch, as long as the vintage select line stays. I think people will come around to appreciate them, like all the weird Baldwin models.


Like many folks here I was sceptical about these guitars at first. The biggest sin was that the Bigsby versions required a tension bar Bigsby - I really don't like the extra bar.

But recently I had another look - there was a fella on Youtube demoing them (Peach Guitars?) and he made them sound wonderful. I've been looking for a P90 Les Paul again but they are sooooo expensive, and even though I loved my '54 Historic Les Paul I did sell it, so it can't have been my dream guitar... And the last Jet I had I liked just as much. So the more I looked at the 6228 with the stop-tail the more it made sense.

I guessed that the Broad'trons were trying to appeal to the Gretsch fans but be readily replaced by a PAF style HB for those who wanted a more Gibson sound. So I figured that it wouldn't be difficult to turn the guitar into a virtual Gretsch Les Paul if I wanted...

So I bought one.

I got one in black at a great price - under $2K brand new. It arrived and looked amazing - the finish is very, very good and not at all "too thick". At first the frets felt a bit low and I wasn't wild about the pickups. But after restringing, a little tweaking and a truss-rod adjustment I started to "get" the guitar. It plays as well as any guitar I have owned and the pickups are really growing on me - a lot. In fact I am starting to believe they are an inspired design. Soundwise I would class them as fat Filter-trons - maybe close to a TV Classic +? In this guitar they definitely have a Filter'tron flavour with a little more grunt, and a touch more mids, but they don't sound at all like a regular Gibson style HB. They still have plenty of Gretsch shimmer to them and fantastic low string definition. In fact they work so well with the treble-bleed master volume that if I have a crunchy bridge pickup sound I can roll back the volume a bit and switch to the neck pickup and get surprisingly good Duane tones. I can't do that on my SSLVO.

So after a few weeks with this guitar I'm thinking that it really does fill my desire for a P90 Les Paul kind of guitar but also my desire for Duo Jet. It sounds a LOT like my old Duo Jet but is possibly a little chunkier sounding which is great. It still twangs as much as my Filter'tron Duo Jet did.

The only thing I'm not wild about is how it sounds with a Big Muff - my Strat will still beat it there. But it's amazing with a Fuzzrite style fuzz - very Cramps. I am really enjoying this guitar. It still sounds 100% Gretsch - you wouldn't confuse it with anything else. But it's a Gretsch you can wail on like a Gibson and that is a lot of fun. I can totally see myself gigging with the G6228 and it's actually a better guitar than I was expecting. I was expecting to change the pickups at some stage but I'm not so sure about that now.

The only thing I have changed is the bridge. The stock Gotoh ABR-1 is fine but I wanted to see what a brass-saddle wire-less ABR-1 sounded like and it does indeed sound better to me. I am sure most players would be perfectly happy completely stock.

Just as cars have changed since the '50s so have guitars. I still love my SSLVO but this new 6228 Jet is a great guitar - equal to the '59 Jets etc but slightly different. It has tons of personality but is also arguably more versatile than older-style Jets. If I want a Bigsby I will still get a '59-style Jet but for me right now this Jet is fab.It has chunk and can rock but has so much beautiful complexity and shimmer in the highs and mids that someone who loves delay and reverb could get lost in these tones for a long time. There are some gorgeous sounds here and I really think it could win over some Jet fans as well as anyone who loves rich, clear, chimey crystalline sounds. These are a clever design.


This is great to hear! Congratulations. I'm also really glad they may have listened to us here regarding the thick finishes I experienced last January. It sounds like a great guitar. I think you should post some pictures.

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