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New Nut for Streamliner


Welcome to all things Gretsch. Take your guitar to a good luthier and have him/her put in a nice bone nut - the best material ever for nuts - and ensure the custom spaced slots are the proper width for your choice of string gauge. Bone comes in bleached or unbleached and what model you put it on is irrelevant. It beats anything else.

Plastic is plastic, regardless of the fancy name they put on it and research shows it's inferior to bone.


Welcome to our addiction. Dave gives great advice but if you want to do tusq and have experience cutting your own nuts before, I say go for it. It's an easy enough fix, if you don't get it right.


"Pre-cut" is a synonym for "almost right."


Welcome to the GDP, drop67, I'm glad you found us! Windsordave is right about bone being the best nut material. I have a Luthier who installs bone nuts on my guitars, for $50 (prices will vary). I consider bone nuts, a must have, on all of my guitars, both electric and acoustic. Once it's done, you never have to worry about it again.


Take it to a local guitar tech and have him work on the existing nut. Almost every new guitar has to have the nut worked on a little bit to work with the new owner's preferred string gauge, neck relief etc....


I prefer bone and it's easy to work. I'm sure Tusc is a good choice and doubt most of us would hear the difference! But "precut" does not mean drop in and play. Every nut will need adjustment, and that means filing. Yeah it's a drag but it's one of the more important parts of the guitar to get right. Having a well cut nut (always sounds wrong!) can be the difference between having a guitar you can't wait to pick up and one you can't play.

I once bought a Gibson 335 for a bargain price because the nut was so badly cut - or rather it was cut at varying heights. It wouldn't play in tune and felt horrible to play. Fortunately for me the staff at the store were too inexperienced to notice so i bought it and after ten minutes at home with some nut files had a great playing Gibson 335. I wish Gibson still cut nuts so badly.


I bought a pre-cut Tusq for my telecaster. Best nut there is in my opinion.


Being first to reply, once again I get tagged with being the pseudo OP, drop67 deleting postings. Funny how some folks can't just leave things as they are.

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