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New member, new guitar, need help!


Hi all!

So happy to finally be part of this brother/sisterhood! I’ve long listed after Gretsch guitars, as a big Neil Young, Chet, and Eddie Cochoran fan. And now I got one! A newer 6120-1957, pre-EC model, with tone post. Traded a couple of Rickenbackers for it.

However, I need some help. I’m trying to lower a couple of pole pieces and they just won’t lower. I turn the adjustment screws and they just back out of the slot instead of lowering the pole pieces. Any thoughts?

So happy to be here! Thanks!


Is this on the Dynasonic? If so try pushing down on the magnet itself a bit. You shouldn't have to do it to hard. I used the same screwdriver I was adjusting the screw with. My old 50s DeArmonds were like this, a bit stiff and likely gunked up. They just needed a little help


Thank you for the reply. I actually thought of doing that, but it didn’t seem to help; plus, I didn’t want to hurt my guitar by pressing down too hard and the magnets look like new. Maybe pole pieces sticking out a quarter inch is normal?


You are referring to the DeArmond right?? Are you adjusting it because it looks wrong? or sounds wrong? I would still lossen it even more and give it a slightly better push. If someone cranked on it to get it up as high as possible and got to the end of the adjustment it might be pretty tight. Better yet, take the pickup out to have a look at the back and make sure nothing is amiss with the mechanism? It's pretty simple to do and you can probably tell what's wrong immediately rather than guessing.


Hi all!

Just pulled the pickup out, and sure enough, the ring was right at the end of the pole on one of them. I just pushed it back on, moved the poles to where I wanted, and back in business! Cool pickups.


Welcome to the GDP dablues!

Gorgeous guitar sir,congrats!


Welcome, DaBlues. You'll like it here.


Great news that the problem is resolved -- and quickly.

Welcome to the GDP! Enjoy your time here!

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