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Traditionally, Jets were made like archtop guitars with a "floating bridge", so if you slacken your strings you can actually slide the wooden base around to adjust intonation. And if you remove the stings the whole bridge assembly will fall off if the guitar is not on it's back or you're not careful and hang on to it. It is not attached to the top of the guitar.

More recently (I think Chet may have been one of the first to do this on his guitars in the early 60s) some Gretsches, that would otherwise have floaters, will have "pinned" bridges where there are metal nubs screwed into the top of the guitar with corresponding holes on the bottom of the bridge so that it does not move around.

Info for your guitar, it seems, is still on Wildwood's site (I love the Lake Placid Blue one too!) and it says "Rocking Bar Pinned" so yours, like mine, IS PINNED. You still need to be careful when you remove the strings - the "pins" are not very tall and the bridge will still fall off if it's not laying on it's back.

Advantage is that it's easy to place it in the "correct" spot. Downside, of course, if you want to change your intonation you'll need to take a pin or both out. Here's a picture I found on the web of the pins/bridge...

– WillieDSW

Cool, thanks. Have not changed the strings yet but the manual says exactly what you just said. Manual also says to change strings one at a time. Which is something I have always done anyway.


Yes, I don’t see any way for the bridge to move fore and aft for intonation. First Bigsby ever as well. I am amazed at how well it stays in tune. Just as well as my LP and Tele. Way better than my Strat. And my Strat ain’t no slouch.

– Woollymonster

Uh-oh......if you aren't already aware, getting your first Gretsch instills the need for the next one....and the next one after that! The Fenders and Gibsons may end up closet queens.


What a great color! Nice score & welcome!



Starting off with a Stephen Stern Jet.

Beautiful guitar, man, congratulations.

My Stephen Stern Jet experience was quite different.

Once, I met Stephen Stern in Brooklyn as a jet flew overhead.

Your version's better.


What a great way to start your Gretsch collection! the GDP!

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