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OK the SSUGR is Poly urethane? what do you guys recommend to clean and polish this guitar? I have the Fender Maguires set from a few yrs back I got free with my Strat that I no longer have! Anyway Is there any really good wax? I heard someone mention a car wax?? Just wondering what you guys are doing with yours! Thanks! MK


I too use the Meg's kit. I'd bet it's rebottled car stuff...but I've found it to work well on both poly and nitro.


Not that it makes any difference for your needs, but, just as a point of general information, I believe that Curt has posted that, contrary to general perception, these guitars have a polyester finish rather than a polyurethane.


I used turtle wax for years. I also got a case of Mequires' cleaner wax from a friend that used to work QC for a company that makes it. It works really well.

I've also got some Gibson spray wax stuff that works well if you keep up on it. Doesn't last as long as car wax, but goes on in a flash.


Using the Dunlop 65 polish at my music store too, that works about the same as the Gibby stuff.

Still, I prefer to wax my Gretsches once or twice a year with good car wax, and keep a clean rag in the case to wipe it down after gigging/playing a lot.


I also use a good carnuba car wax on all the guitars/basses that need that kind of thing (the natural wood ones get something else). After the wax, I use a product called Brillianize for a final shine, as recommended by the CEO of Rickenbacker. It's made for aircraft/ helicopter windshields, and boy does it make stuff shine!


Virtuoso, I think is the absolute best. No silicone in it, and goes on easy and clean. Its all I use on nitro and poly finishes.


I use a plain old fashioned lavender scented beeswax furniture polish. Not as hyper-glossy as the Meguire's stuff (which is great if you like that sort of thing) but suits me down to the ground.

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