Modern Gretsch Guitars

New Gretsch on the way.


That's a gorgeous guitar. I love Gretsch double cuts and that shade of red is perfect. Congrats on the new guitar.


That red and gold really works. Stunning.


Update on the 6131T-62VS love the look of this guitar but was have a hard time getting adjusted to guitar. I did not want to change anything till I put some time on it. Time to see what I could do to make it play better. I removed strings and could not believe the frets, the top of the frets were flat and I had 4 high frets. This guitar was from the Gretsch warehouse shipped to GC and I was there when we opened the box. Looks like they leveled the frets but did not dress them now I know why it did not play well. Time to do a setup I leveled and dressed frets and adjust the bridge the string spacing was way off. The guitar now plays great I love it . I cant believe Gretsch would send a guitar out this way some one screwed up. This is my 3rd Gretsch I had a 1968 6119 sold and now I have 2006 6196T Country Club great guitar and this 2019 6131T now playing great.


Glad you identified the issue and got it fixed right away. Happy playing!


I'm glad you got that sorted out, those kind of things shouldn't happen, especially on a pro line guitar, but we don't live in a perfect world.

That is the one that I keep saying I'm going to buy. I made up my mind to get a Pro Jet some time ago, but I just haven't had the stars line up yet, to make the purchase. For one thing, I keep flip flopping on which model and pup configuration. I'd kind of like that one with Dynasonics, so I'd probably need to put in TV Jones Dyna's afterwards (adding to the cost). I'm just waiting for the right Dynasonic Duo Jet to pop up, at the right price. Boy, a 20% GC coupon would go a long way in getting me off the fence!


Thanks Guys.. I always had a thing for Gretsch guitars the look and feel and the lay out of controls.


Flat fret tops, welcome to my world. It isn't just Gretsch it's everywhere.

Part of the problem is how competitive the market is and what corners have to get cut to be able to sell at a price the customer is willing to pay. The days of going to the music store and having the luxury of playing 5 of the same model guitar are over. When you buy a guitar today that isn't custom shop they usually need to be set up before they will play properly.


Funny before I went with the 6196T I thought I could stop my GAS with the 5230T it was nice but did not stop GAS. The frets were great and this guitar was from Korea and a lot less $. You would think that a Pro-line guitar would come with the frets dressed. Thanks Curt I know this is 2020.


I have a brand new 6609TFM home right now to see if I want to keep it. I must say that it is without flaw, including a mirror like fret dressing. Perfect nut, set up nicely and perfect finish. This one is a 2019.


Nice guitar Zigracer, glad you have good one. I worked in a music store and did a lot of repair work and setups so I know what to do. Just at my age I was looking for a good one that I could just play, I am just getting lazy. I always had a soft spot for Gretsch guitars and missed my 6119 Tenn. my Country Club was great from day one. The 6131 is real nice looks great everywhere it was just the frets and setup that were bad.

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