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New Gretsch on the way.


I have been looking at 6131T-62VS for a long time and then something hit me, I love it. I keep telling myself I don't need another guitar. Then Guitar Center sent me a 20% off coupon and the fire was lit. Went to GC and it was not in stock but they called Gretsch and they had some at the warehouse. So I paid my money and took home a piece of paper. The wait begins ( A Red Firebird )


Pic's, or it didn't happen.


Congratulations!! Try to sleep well (might be tough....) and then ENJOY one of my favorite Gretsch guitars!!


Red red red. Some of us likes red, we does.


I did the same thing when i bought my Duo Jet. Good for you.


If it's anything like my VS Duo Jet it will be wonderful. Actually I would have got a Jet Firebird VS but I don't like coloured back and sides - I like to see the grain.


I would have liked the wood showing on back but this is a copy of a 62 jet and they painted them black back then. I like the way everything is laid out like a old Gretsch. And the double cut just looks right.


I'd like the grain showing on the top too!


Still waiting.

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