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New Gretsch models for NAMM 2018?


Wow Joe. How'd you get your coat on with all that up your sleeve? ;)


I'm curious about how those BT-Jets will sound.

Edit: I just found the clip of Paul Pigat playing one in the other NAMM thread.

Very interesting.


Those new Annies could be a big hit in my home town.


Sorry... I stand corrected. Apparently it is Metallic Gold and Cherry Red Wine.

See this video of Paul Pigat playing one:


I'm not yet sure how I feel about these new jets... On one hand I'm glad to see them going in a new direction and making a line distinctly different from the VS series, but on the other hand they seem to lose some "gretschiness," maybe its just the colors; I personally would like them way more if they went with some fender colors for the tops, like sonic blue, fiesta red, seafoam green etc... The gap between them and the electro jets seems far closer now than before, but I do love that they focused on player-centric things like that heel shape, locking tuners etc


Can I download the 2018 catalog?


We need more Orange guitars!


Sorry... I stand corrected. Apparently it is Metallic Gold and Cherry Red Wine.

See this video of Paul Pigat playing one:

– Spartanman

The lingo being used is Casino Gold and Dark Cherry Metallic.


Thanks Ric...

I noticed that after I posted.


Is there any change to get the traditional Gretsch catalog (2018)?


Nothing I can find on the Gretsch web site on the Duane Eddy 6 String Bass. Am I missing it?


I could be mistaken, but I have not heard that there is a printed catalogue for 2018.



– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars

I'm really happy that Gretsch is showing the chambered Jet bodies in their advertising. This is so cool! The chambered tone is a big part of the appeal of Jets for me. The support inside reminds me of thick trestles but it's really only a part of the body that remains after the rest is routed.

I would love to see how the Electromatic Jets are routed for comparison. Are they the same these days?


Nothing I can find on the Gretsch web site on the Duane Eddy 6 String Bass. Am I missing it?

– Caliban335

It took me a minute or two to find this myself, in the NEWS category.

New DE Six String Bass Guitar

I think the text is a bit confusing, as this is definitely not a bass bass. It’s a guitar tuned an octave lower, E to E. As many players discovered at NAMM last week, this guitar is totally playable as any other guitar, with the added deeper dimension of even more utter coolness. The twang factor is magnified into the Twilight Zone.

Michael James Adams



Thank you Deed. Now I know the scale. Any idea what string gauges Duane used on the model he played at NAMM?

That guitar looks and sounds super cool.


The answer direct from our good friend Chip Ellis, Senior Master Builder/Project Engineer for Fender and Special Products, who has been looking after Duane's guitars for the last few years. He has been essential in getting the guitars exactly where they should be for manufacturing. He and Duane worked on the neck profile together, sawdust was flying!

The most commonly available set of strings that 99% of people will buy for the tic-tac are the D’Addario EXL156 set. These are on Duane's guitar. The string gauges are: 24, 34, 44, 56, 72, 84.


Deed, do you know if the 6-string bass guitar have an official model number? G6120DE-6BG, or something like that? If not, I suggest 6BG to make clear this is a bass guitar rather than a bass.

I don't think the description of the 6BG in the news piece about his demo at NAMM does the instrument justice. This isn't just a tic-tac bass like the Danelectro 6 or the Fender VI, which are great instruments themselves. Because the construction of Duane's model is so similar to the construction of his 6120 guitar, it has the same voice, just lower.

If it makes sense to say, Duane sounded even Duane-ier playing this than playing the same lines on the Dano 6. Having been lucky enough to be standing just a few feet away when Duane demo'ed the new model, that was the biggest impression I got - hot dog, Duane is out Duane-ing Duane!


The guitar's model number is G6120TB-DE.


The guitar's model number is G6120TB-DE.

– Ric12string

I suppose that's an acceptable model number. ;)


Anyone had a chance to play the new 5220 jet BT?


Here's some fun with Greg Koch and our own Joe. Be sure to watch until the end when Joe hands Greg the Duane Eddy Six String Bass (G6120TB-DE)

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