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New G6128T-57 Vintage Select


So, does the New G6128T-57 Vintage Select Cadillac Green Jet come stock with the arm rest or not? The retailers that show there actual guitars for sale don't have the arm rest but the other stores advertising them do show it. The Gretsch web site does show it with the arm rest. I wonder if it comes along with the arm rest and you can decide to put it on or not?

It's a beautiful guitar either way.


Powerjet, that's a nice one. I don't know about the finish (poly or nitro) but I would like to know that also about the G6128T-57.

Still a bit confusing but beautiful new guitars.


I remember seeing some Namm video on youtube where they say the penguin is nitro, and the rest is poly. The Cliff Gallup model seems to be nitro as well, but you don't get the TV Jones single coils.


The 6120's are advertised as nitro; I'd assume the rest is poly. There are a couple at the local shop and they look great; the caddy green has the armrest.


kinda odd they leave the finish info off on the websites instrument description. the only thing that comes close is the neck finish being described as gloss


The specs they do list on the website are not always correct either. Caveat emptor.


Why not just call one of the retailers and ask them? I suspect it's not included, though, or it would be listed with the other specs.


How does the Guild compare with the DeArmond?


How does the Guild compare with the DeArmond?

– Bob Howard


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