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New Country Clubs G6196T-59


Have the "new" Vintage Select edition Country Clubs narrowed their body depth? If so, what is the current depth?

Many thanks


The Vintage Select series has the specifications of the original vintage models. It is the Player's Edition that has the shallower body depths.


Ok - Thanks Ric12string.

So, my understanding now is that the Current Country Club's (Vintage Select Edition) have the full deep bodies it always had.


Many thanks.


wait a second I thought that vintage select and players edition were the same thing... that they used to use vintage select but had to stop using that name because it was copy-written to another company.. funny karma I know... but that now players edition is essentially vintage select just with a new name


Vintage Select and Golden Era are the same. The Golden Era name was discontinued due to the name conflict with another manufacturer. Players Edition are different.


I think the Vintage Select Country Clubs have not changed their depth from previous modern models, they are still Falcons without the bling, basically. But weren't the Country Clubs from the 50s deeper than their modern incarnations?


Oh, it's the full 2.75" body depth, alright. It's a big guitar with an equally big sound. Love mine.


I like the early (to mid) Sixties country Clubs with their 2.25" depth. I have a 1962 & a 1964. Both sound just as big a full, 2.75" version. My 1962 Has Trestle Bracing.

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