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New bird on its way!


After lots of discussions with vendors and then playing a used version of what I bought, I was hooked for the Penguin. It should be here Thursday and I will post up some pictures soon after.

This is going to be fun!


Cool! I'm sure you will enjoy that little bird! Congratulations on your new guitar!


Nice! I too have a flightless bird, hope you enjoy it... I get many compliments on it when I play out.


I am really looking forward to getting it into my hands. I purchased it from one of the Forum sponsors as well!

I will not have it until Friday since UPS decided the weather is an issue coming east.


Congrats and wishing you the very best with your Penguin!

This is a fun part -- the anticipation. And with a Friday delivery, you'll have the weekend for getting acquainted and bonding!


Great choice! Love my Penguin also.


Oh the humanity. UPS has delayed my guitar delivery until Monday the 6th when it was supposed to have been delivered yesterday. UPS says sever weather is the cause. I think their brains are cloudy and it has nothing to do with the weather (which was clear from shipper to me since new Years day) Also looks like they downgraded me to ground from 2nd day air. UPS, there is no love for you!


Look at the bright side:

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my UPS gave to me

A Gretsch Penguin in a hard shell case.



Tom Petty says the waiting is the hardest part.


Thanks guys!!! Monday will be here soon enough!


Well, pic's or it didn't happen.

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