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New Billy Bo, In Blue!


That guitar is very cool, great colour choice for sure. Keep us up to date!


TV, how about a Spectra Sonic in that color?!?

I have had a Billy Bo jones since I saw a Guitar One(?) with an article with Billy G talking about the original model that Bo gave him.


Hi guys and gals. I got an email from Patrick and thought I'd pass on some info. He will be backing up Joss Stone & Jamie Hartman for a a couple of TV appearances next week. The first one will be on the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Monday March 29th and the second one will be on the Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, Thursday April 1st. He'll be backing up Joss & Jamie with the rest of Katy's band (minus Katy, of course) including Adam Marcello, Joshua Moreau & Korel Tunador.


Sweet! like it, would love a silver sparkle one :-D


Hey y'all... it's been a while since I've checked in but I thought some of you might be interested in a rig rundown that I did recently for Celestion featuring my Billy Bo's and Black Phoenix:


Welcome back to the GDP, Patrick. Glad to see that you still think about us every now and then. I enjoy watching you play your Billy-Bo's whenever I get the chance to catch you on the tube with Katy Perry.

I wasn't sure that I caught the name of the company that makes the red-colored guitar with the chrome tubing around it. Did you say that that was a copy of a guitar made by Coral (which I believe was actually Danelectro)?

Very informative video. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Me: " This beautiful guitar gets used for one song in a whole show! NOW DO YOU SEE HOW THIS WORKS? "

Her: " Keep dreamin' "


All of the sudden, I'm digging the Billy Bo. Never happened before. But I want one. Maybe with Supertrons.


That copper sparkle Billy-Bo was just too much, wasn't it? I really liked that one.


Some cool guitars there, Patrick!


That guitar with the chrome tubing is a Roger Saturn... made by an offshoot of Duesenberg, so all the hardware and pickups are Duesenberg. It's a copy of a Dynacord Cora from the 60's. Somehow I remembered that as it being a Coral, my bad. I guess Dynacord was a German maker, which makes sense with the Duesenberg connection. Anyway...

The blue 'bo only gets used on one song these days because of the altered strings and tuning. I'll get it back to standard tuning and strings for the next tour, tho.


Thanks for the video, Patrick.

I agree with Ric12 about the copper BillyBo. That's sweet.

Did the RC Booster replace the Nocturne?


Hey Patrick, good to see you 'round again! Your custom-color Billy-Bos got me all inspired...I went with what looks here like metallic salmon, but is close to the '60 Cadillac color "Persian Sand." (I didn't have a spare Tru-Arc to put on it yet...I'm a little embarrassed to show it with the Adjusta!)

Cool gear vid. I've been thinking of a Gig Rig for my pedalboard, trying to absorb the sticker shock. Probably the best way to a) REALLY get the pedals you're not using out of the circuit and 2) quickly engage and disengage groups of pedals. Seems to be working for you.

And congratulations on your ongoing success with Ms Perry – that has to be a great gig!


For anyone interested:

Body and neck onepiece mahogany surrounded by a chrome plated steel tube. Equipped with a Duesenberg Domino P90 singlecoil pickup in neck position (3-dimensionally adjustable dog ear pickup cover) and a Duesenberg Grand Vintage humbucker in bridge position. 3-way-switch, wiring exactly as on Duesenberg Starplayer TV. New Vibromaster tremolo for smooth action.

1345 Euros.


Hey Proteus, wasn't "metallic salmon" a 70's prog rock band? :P :P


It kills me to see that Bo without a True Arc. I thought you knew someone at TA...


That is a sweet looker...the guitar and Katy. :P ;-)


Ah, there ya go, Ric12... I covered up the lizard tremolo plate on mine, not sure what they were thinking on that! The tremolo itself is one of the best designs I've ever used, tho. Really smooth and stays in tune great. Not sure if you can get those guitars in the states yet.

Proteus, that looks great! I dig the two-tone paint. It's amazing how many custom builders have picked up on the Billy Bo design. Kauer makes a nice one and I've seen some aftermarket bodies in that shape on ebay.

NJBob, I still use the nocturne for sessions or when we have to backline sketchy AC30's. With the 3rd Power American Dream amps we travel with, I'm really happy with the clean sounds I get from the Blackface side.

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