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FS: 1991 Gretsch G6030V Night Bird acoustic electric


Patrick just sent me this photo of his guitar. It now sports one of my custom guards!


He's somewhere between Austria and Moscow.



I just noticed that he has ditched the B5 in flavor of the B11. I like the looks of it better. Maybe a plus is less of a string angle, smoother operation. Helped fill out the rear of the guitar too IMO. I'll have to ask him about the modification.


That is a Bo-dacious lookin' guit, Patrick! Nice choice on the pickguard --- there's something kinda '56 Thunderbird about a light blue or turquoise guitar with a white pickguard and chrome trim. Here's my Casino, (and a T-bird, for comparison's sake)


I need to get on the ball of being a reputable guitar player so I coul get a surf/seafoam green one!


I heard you're using the Nocturne pedal too. How does the Billy Bo react with it?


Setzer - I agree on the B11. It seems to belong on the guitar, as opposed to the B5.


I prefer the B11 too. that guitar is a looker either way though.


yeah, the B5 always bugged me. when i ordered the guitar, there was a mixup and they put it on there by mistake. i had the B11 lying around so i tried it and it's much better. a lot more open and airy. maybe i'll get a V-cut bigsby one of these days. but setzer's pickguard is staying... looks way better now!

the nocturne's been on my board for a few gigs now and really like what it does. i have it on there first in the chain and mostly just leave it on. all of my guitars have either low output humbuckers or single coils so it responds really well to everything. i have to use a lot of pedals on the gig and it seems to work and play well with all of them. good stuff!


I was thinking more something like the old 1950's couch in my old guitar room...


Awesome guitar and awesome gig! I believe Katy Perry will be around for a long time. Enjoy the ride.



In placing the B11 on there, did it cover the holes made for the B5, or did you fill those before installing the B11?


VERY NICE LOOKING GUITAR!! I'm a bit jealous! Love that color on a Billy Bo!


I still love the guitar - and that's the perfect whamelo.

Now if there was just SOMEthing that could be done about that bridge...


Indeed, the guitar looks much better with the white pickguard, rather than the black one. I've never liked the black guards on the Billy-Bo's.

Appearance alone, rather than function, I am not sure that I like the B11 over the B5 only because I liked the fact that there was still some of the blue bottom of the guitar visible behind it that I liked. But, hey, the guitar is a great looking instrument no matter what Bigsby is on it.

Have you ever considered a rocking bar bridge for that guitar, rather than the TOM bridge? (Stick with us...we'll have that guitar completely modded before

By the way, Patrick, I have scoured the internet this morning looking for some stage pics of you, the band, and the Billy-Bo, but have been unable to find any. Do you have any stage shots of this guitar that you could share with us? Also, we love to look at pedal boards on the GDP, so if you have any pics of all of those pedals that you were talking about, we'd love to see them too!


When do we see a pict of you and that guitar in action, maybe with the nocturne.. :) btw.. ya need a stainless steel tru-ar 9.5" for that Bo!


Tavo, are you sure that that guitar takes a 9.5" bridge and not a 12"? I can't seem to locate a spec for the Billy-Bo guitar to determine what it takes, but I do believe that the bass is a 12" radius. (I readily acknowledge, by the way, that the radii on the guitar and the bass could be different.)


Patrick was cool enough to have a great picture taken of him with this incredible Gretsch guitar. At first I was really excited that he put the Nocturne in the picture but I cant stop looking at the blue billy gretsch.. I want this.. I WANT it.. (RJ I have been cured of the spectrasonic, this is the only medicine for my blues). thanks Paperair, this now haunts me.

photograph by j. dady


A viable substitute. I still want the Chonny sig Electromatic Billy- Bo. I don't have the pic on this computer so hopefully someone else will step up!


I forgot it was there so see the above pic.


Cool blue! That is the exact color I am looking for for my project supro. Congrats!


That guitar is very cool, great colour choice for sure. Keep us up to date!


TV, how about a Spectra Sonic in that color?!?

I have had a Billy Bo jones since I saw a Guitar One(?) with an article with Billy G talking about the original model that Bo gave him.

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