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New Billy Bo, In Blue!


I don't post here very often but I get a lot of info from this site so I wanted to share pics of my new Billy Bo. I ordered it around December of last year and finally got it last week. I have an Electromatic 5120 but this is my first pro-level Gretsch.

I play guitar with Katy Perry (I know... not what most of you probably listen to) and we work with Fender a bunch, so I was lucky that I didn't have to order a whole batch of these... it's the only one in this color ever made. Alex Perez at the custom shop matched the paint to a sample pic I sent him after messing around in Photoshop. I was going for a pelham-blue kind of vibe. Came out great, I think! Anyway, here are the pics (sorry about the fingerprints, just played a show with it):BillyBoFrontBillyBoBackBillyBoHeadBack


You know..... I love my white Billy Bo, but that blue on your Billy Bo has a very cool retro vibe. I actually like what I have heard of Katy Perry. Again, while modern production etc, she has a cool seventies flashy vibe. It reminds me of over the top performers like Kiss, Alice Cooper, Elton John etc.


WOW. That is sharp looking. EDIT- Who TF is Katy Perry?


Very cool! Ain't nothing wrong with Katy Perry in my book. +1 up!


Not into Katy Perry, but not the kind to knock what I don't dig. Very cool machine, though. Well done!


That is a cool looking guitar. I think Katy Perry is cute and quirky.



That looks great! I was just watching Katy Perry at T in the Park on TV the other day. Were you playing with her at that show? I think she's great, I Kissed a Girl is a classic pop song. I thought they were mostly using Gibsons, cool to throw a Gretsch into the mix!


I like Kary Perry and was coincidentally thinking that waking up in Vegas would probably sound awesome on a Billy Bo.


Flipping awesome. I love love love love love the Billy Bo. Glad to have you aboard mate.

What made you decide on the B5 over a B6?


Killer, paperair. Good inspiration, great taste.

There's something in the 50s-turning-60s New Frontier vibe of the B-Bo that makes it look great in automotive colors of the era. I've liked all the colors, actually. Just don't think I'd like metallics.

Love the B5 on it, I think that's the way I'll want mine.

Great guitar, too, whatever the color.


That is cool, but even cooler that it's one of a kind. Good show, mate.


Thanks for sharing - very cool. As much as I hate to admit it I do enjoy Katy Perry....


that is awesome.


Wow, thats one fine Billy-Bo, the blue looks great.

Katy Perry isn't my cup of tea but she's a lot better than some of the pop music kicking around at the moment.

...and ok, I do have one of her songs on my iPod.


Very cool looking colour... and great that it's a one off.

Whenever I've seen Katy Perry on TV it has struck me that she has a good rocky voice when singing live. On the records it sounds like the vocals have been smoothed out a bit too much (good for a poppy audience... but it loses the edge that her voice has live). On the other hand, I'm old and not her target audience... so what do I know?


That is a beautiful guitar.

A paying gig is a paying gig, and she's getting quite a bit of play now too!

Good on ya!



Awesome axe man! That blue looks killer. Haven't heard much of Katy, but as long as that gig is buying you that guitar I wouldn't complain!

Welcome aboard man.


that is pretty blood awesome!


Great looking guitar, paperair. The only thing that I would do cosmetically to improve upon its already good looks is to remove the pickguard. Those Billy Bo's look great without one. And a pro like you won't need to worry about scratching up the face -- you can play in a controlled manner.

I have to say that I like Katy Perry's music, at least what I have heard of it. I have a couple of her songs on my iPod. Someone described her above as "quirky," which I think is an appropos description of her.


I like her. Intelligent, witty, power pop, some of the best new pop I've heard in a long time. Fresh and bright. A little Melanie, a little Joan, a bit of Pat, a little Kate Bush, probably some Madonna, a touch of Tori – a lot of herself.

Pretty and engaging besides - AND a Gretsch in the band?

What's not to like?

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