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Well, WSC/Roswell is a Fender supplier, so, certainly wouldn't be out of the question...


Whoa, started this thread and then went away for a few days... My first impression of the new models was yuk! And not much has changed I must say. I do understand the '89 reissue and there is a market for jets with the bigger headstock. When I first got into Gretsch Guitars in the early '90s I also liked the bigger headstock better but that didn't last long.

There's not one two tone color choice that I like, the light sides and neck against the dark front and back looks like mismatched parts to me. I get that it's just a matter of taste and maybe I'm just too fond of the two tone anniversaries with a light top and a dark back. (reversed annies, although kinda cool, also look weird to me).

I do like the Rich Robinson signature Falcon, now that is one classy guitar. I'm just wondering why they called it the magpie, and then paint it raven's breast blue. Now it's three birds in one...

The two-tone copper/sahara metallic looks sort of cool but I think it would look better with the colors switched.


Oddly enough, the Ocean Turquoise/White Tri-Five does do it for me. I quite like it. The other colours, not so much. Perhaps if the white was also metallic? The only other thing there which grabs my attention is the gold sparkle '89 Jet. I'm not a fan of Cornell's music, but for some reason I like the Jet. Having said that, I also like the '89 Silver Jet, as I did have one like that many moons ago. The Falcon looks a bit naff with the darker colour on the top, so I'm not really a fan of it. The rosewood Tennie and koa Penguin aren't bad, but I'm not going to rush out to buy them. Anything with a tension bar Bigsby and studded bridge, I have absolutely no interest in. Same goes for centreblocks.

Regarding specs, I do remember going to a Gretsch clinic in 2006, which Mike Lewis hosted. He pretty much said that there is a recipe for a Gretsch guitar, which they had worked hard to recreate. I get that Gretsch are trying to expand their audience and attract new players, but it is the classic Gretsch recipe which people are after. I guess to put it bluntly; if I wanted an ES-335, I'll go out and get one. I don't want a Gretsch trying to be like a Gibson ES-335. Same thing with a Les Paul. I'll go get a Les Paul, rather than a Jet trying to be like one (history aside).


I want to see the blue pearl Duo Jet with DYNAS!


Good grief. With numerous threads over the past couple of years showing interest in the red/green/gold sparkle jets, pearl & MOTS tops, gretsch decides to reissue the 89 Homer Simpson jet? I couldn't dump my 89 jet fast enough when they finally started making jets with a more accurate headstock shape & control features, etc. Hopefully this reissue isn't true to the original 89 jet. When gigging with my brand new (at the time) 6131, people on the dance floor would frequently hand me something in the middle of a song while saying "This fell off your guitar". And no, I'm not a fan of the PE/B7 either.

Hey Gretsch, please consider another 59-ish sparkle jet (red/green/gold), w/Filtertrons, FT control layout, narrow headstock, B3, and 50s chambered body. Thanks.


Maybe its just me....but that headstock on the 89 Jets sorta give me the creeps. Too much of an old grumpy traditionalist?


I’m warming up to that 89 reissue jet now, I don’t know why... maybe because it’s from the era I was born in and remember a little of?


I’m warming up to that 89 reissue jet now, I don’t know why... maybe because it’s from the era I was born in and remember a little of?

– Chmason85

I've looked at the '89 Jets a few times. I have in my head that one day I'll add a sparkle Jet to my stable but the headstock and bridge eventually turn me off.

I listened to some bands that were using Gretsch in the 80s/90s but the '89 just doesn't have the right look for my tastes. The bridge can be replaced but to me, the horseshoe only looks right on a 6120.


Waaiiillll, I dunno Walter. I agree that the Jr Streamliner doublecut is pretty not pretty - with inherent body proportion issues that no amount of hardware replacements can fix. But, I ask you: for ugly, is it really worse than the Astro-Jet?

We can ignore the '89 as an odd Gretsch production year to nostalgiate about - but, at least, having decided to go there, they did not replicate all the bad stuff and instead made it something like maybe it ought to have been in the first place. Not that I was itchin' for a do-over on that one, but maybe it's warm and fuzzy for some people.

By my count, there are 9 guitars on those 4 pages with the GeneriDumbuckers (or whatever they're calling them now - they ain't foolin' me). Out of 48 products shown, that's not horrible. Well, I mean...any of them are too many, but when you need an econoline pickup for a (very well made) 400.00 guitar, where you gonna turn?

Also, I swar tew gawd, most of the guitars on those 4 "New Products" pages aren't new for 2021. There's a lot of stuff left there from at least last year, I think, if not before that. Without trawling the specs of every guitar on the entire site, I can't prove it. But I'm pretty sure. (Also, the 5622 Centerblock appears twice - on pages 1 and 4. At least I haven't found any difference between the listings.)

I'm harping on this, because if we knew what was really new this year, and not left over, we could make more definite outraged judgments about which way the brand is headed. As I said above, my first impression was that there are more traditional (and nicely tweaked traditional) builds than I'd feared there would be. I was surprised to find a couple-three I'd like to have. (Not because Gretsch doesn't make guitars I like - just because I have pretty much every base covered with my fleet from the last 15 years of Golden Age.)

Also, we'd have to massage the new introductions in with the entire line to draw good conclusions about the proportion of yeah-that's-a-Gretsch to not-so.

And also also...even if some of the dumbuckin' tension-bar models aren't (nearly) as Gretschy as they ought to be, they are well made and a decent value, and may prove to be starting points for guys who otherwise would never try a Gretsch - and at least they can be modded to get Gretschier. I remain very impressed with my two Streamliners, and not just "for the money." They're just seriously nicely built and great-playing guitars.

– Proteus



I wouldn't take it personal. No one said they weren't cool.

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