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Need help…


Hey folks, Need help sorting something out. I came across a 2010 6129 Silver jet for sale. It has no paperwork and no original case. It does have a bill of sale. It is not a players edition.

The question. Can anyone confirm that the silver jet, with TVs/Filtertrons came equipped with a tone knob? I have only ever seen them with a mud switch configuration.

Any insight would be appreciated.



The earliest modern Gretsches came with a tone knob, but Gretsch changed over to a mudswitch to be more historically accurate IIRC sometime in the '90's. The recent Players Editions went back to the tone knob. Got pictures? May not be a 2010.


It’s not a 2010. It is preFMIC based on the large headstock.


Yup, that's one of the earliest modern Gretsches. Once you "TVJones" them, they are fine guitars, but worth about half of what he's asking.


Thanks guys. I’m waiting on the seller getting back to me with some clarification.


NJBob is correct, that's a pre-2003 Silver Jet, witness the same headstock and control configuration on the pre-FMIC Pearl Jet that I used to have...


I own that same guitar. It has ceramic Filter'trons. You might consider swapping out the roller bridge for a RBB as those rollers suck tone.

By the way, that is definitely not the original case.


The serial number indicates a 2000 build year. I’m moving on. The search continues. Thanks for the help folks.

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