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Neck reset?


I'm looking forward to this one.

After the neck gets set I'll do a set up so if you're getting a new bridge you might want it sent here.

– Curt Wilson

Thanks Curt! I’ll have one sent your way.... should I get a “low rider” or a regular height Tru-Arc?


Either one, a regular will be fine with the proper break angle.


Thank you Curt! I’m excited to get it back... I’ve sure missed this guitar, it has a certain mojo, feels like an old worn in catchers mit to me.


A huge thank you the Joe C. Curt Wilson and Proteus!

My guitar arrived today and honestly it plays far nicer than I ever remembered it playing. Curt you did an amazing job! Joe C. Thank you so much for stepping up and doing what you do! You sir are a true gentleman. Proteus thank you for your generosity and your fabulous craftsmanship! My old friend has returned home with a new lease on life....


I’m proud to know all you folks.


One more example of the "goodness" that is present on the GDP. Specifically, Joe C, who makes things right, and gets things done.

We all know and appreciate Joe, and because of his involvement, the Gretsch brand shines as being the top notch guitar brand.

We're also blessed to have a master craftman, Curt, who was called into action by Joe.

I can't think of any other brand that has stories like this one, with a happy ending, that all started on a forum.

What a great place to be part of.


These stories always give me the warm fuzzy's. Just incredible people across the board, here.

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