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Neck reset?


The neck joint on my 125th Jag Tan Annie seems to be opening up a little? Does this seem strange for a guitar that is just 10 years old? Should I be concerned about this?


The best thing to do is remove the strings and see if there’s any play. If there’s any movement at all it needs a reset.


What does a neck reset cost?


Dang always $350 or so, but it's been 10 years since I had one done.


What does a neck reset cost?

– Hipbone

Is it a pocket or dovetail? Cost depends on who’s doing the work.


I’m not sure what type of neck joint a 2008 Annie would have? Is there a way to find out short of removing it?


It’s a dovetail, real easy reset with Terada built guitars. Any quality shop in your area can make that happen.


Probably wood shrinkage. I had this situation with my '91 G400C. The neck was totally stable and a local tech used a bit of filler; problem solved.


If it's not staying in tune there's an issue.


Hmmm..... I do have to re-tune after every song! I guess it’s time to find someone to work on it.

It will give me time to bond with my White Penguin.


Hi Curt, I have a guy I found to work on my neck reset, he’d like to contact you with a few questions as he has never done a reset on a Gretsch.


Anybody else have this issue with a 10 year old guitar?


So I’m a little pissed. And maybe it’s just all the smoke from the fires in Northern California getting to me.

I’ve been playing guitar for 40 years. I’ve been a professional musician for 20 years. I save my money and purchase the finest equipment I can. I take great care of my equipment. Yes I play my guitars, it’s why I buy them. They don’t set in a case waiting for months to be played. Why? Because I have a show to play, a new song to learn.

Now having said that I have never had an issue with a guitar that I felt I couldn’t handle myself. Until now.
I’m pissed that my main guitar, the one that I baby more than the others has an issue that I don’t feel comfortable dealing with.

I’m pissed that an expensive 10 year old guitar needs a neck reset? Nobody seems to have any experience with what I will call a newer Gretsch needing a neck reset.

I ask for anyone with similar experience and I get crickets. I google it and I find nothing. What the hell!

I read about 50 year old guitars with the binding falling off needing a neck reset but not newer “modern” Gretches.

Anyway, got that off my chest.


I'd be pissed off too, and no, I never had that happen, none of my 60 year old guitars either.


Send it to Curt and get it done right. I understand the being pissed thing but best to send it to THE guy instead of some guy who needs THE guy to tell him how to fix it. I also agree that it shouldn't happen to a ten year old guitar but at this point that's moot. This is extremely rare, I'd say.

As far as venting...yes please do. Sometimes it helps.


I would be pissed too.

One of the major reasons I buy modern Gretsch is I believe I won't have to deal with problems like that.

As far as I'm concerned. Gretsch should take care of that for you.


I realize now that this is something that has been happening over the last few years. I installed a Tru-Arc on the guitar shortly after buying it.
Over the years I’ve had to take material off of the bottom of the Tru-Arc to get the action low enough. The thumb screws are adjusted all the way. Plus.... it has always been a bitch to keep tuned. Lately it needs a quick tune after every song.

.... pic of my “trimmed & slammed” Tru -Arc....


Geez. That won't be rocking properly either, which would contribute to tuning issues.


How do I contact Gretsch to see if this might be an issue they would address?


Joe Carducci posts on here. Seems like he would be the best guy to help you out.


I suspect Joe will weigh in.


Contacted the Gretsch service center in AZ. I was told that the neck/body joint on my guitar has a limited lifetime warranty.

They gave me the number of the closest authorized repair shop. I’ll have to do some driving, but I’m not complaining. Hopefully all goes smoothly.


I may need to replace the truss rod gear or the rod itself on my 70’s Super Chet. I’m in Southern New Jersey.

Anyone know who may have the parts and can do the job?



I may need to replace the truss rod gear or the rod itself on my 70’s Super Chet. I’m in Southern New Jersey.

Anyone know who may have the parts and can do the job?


– Gene1000

Go to Curt at Old School Guitars (link to your right). No, I've never done business with him, but after dealing with the local fools, he's my one hope for getting the job done right. If you think that shipping to and from him is expensive, ask yourself how important is it to get the job done right. He's on the right coast and I'm on the left but I won't hesitate to pay extra to ship it to him. Check out his site and his work -- it's amazing.

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