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NDJD - I’m back in the Jet Set!


I am again a Dyna-Jet player. At long last.

This isn’t my first Jet. Not even my first Duo Jet. The first one was in 2009, before I was ready to tame the Dynasonics and traded it for a 6120. The second was a Silver Jet. I got on well with it but it was not quite perfect. Then, with all this talk about Holy Grail guitars, it got me t’thinkin’. I have some unused credit. I should take one more stab at it so with some research I zeroed in on the current ‘53 model. I found a demo model at the Sam Ash store in Nashville (through eBay). It’s been hanging on their wall for awhile and comes as a new guitar with full warranty, case and case candy. I am technically the first owner. A first for me...and at a decent discount. I bit. As soon as the site lets me, I’ll post some pix.


All right. I’ll try it this way, hosting pix elsewhere. This is how it came to me.

I’ve always felt that a Duo Jet would be my perfect guitar even if I didn’t exactly know it. From the time I first saw this pic in a British music magazine that a friend’s sister showed me in 1964, I fell in love with this guitar. It imprinted on my brain like a baby bird on it’s mother.

I have, of course, Bob-a-fied it, non destructively. I added the V cut Bigsby and the Serpintune Tru-Arc from my last Jet. No new holes. It is sublime. I know I always say this, but this time...for sure! Plays like a dream, sounds perfect from mild to wild. That’’s it. I’m done buying guitars.

I love the scripty headstock. I just realized that I am one custom made scripty logo pickguard away from having a black scripty Dyna Jet.


Wow! Talk about some full circling, Mr Bob. It's a beaut - you can't expect me to say anything remotely negative (or even sedately lukewarm) about a Dyna Jet.

But "That's it - I'm done buying guitars..." Yeah? Can we hold you to that?

If I had a few hundred dollars to buy another guitar for every time I've said that...I'd have more guitars.

Just sayin'.

Of course a Dyna Jet is it for me, cold dead hands, last guitar to leave...


So congrats! Again.


Oh lord, Bob! That looks like a keeper. Congrats!


I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but I just can’t stop playing it. Grins for miles.

The family, in part.

The Fender wall.


I love the script logo. Man I'd love to try one of those. I nearly bought one when I got my '59 VS and I know that was the right one for me. But that is such a cool guitar!


Congrats, Bob!

Um, please disregard the email I just sent about two minutes ago.

Congrats again and enjoy!


V-cut with a spoon handle: nice! I'm saving for a Duane handle for the V-cut on my '57, and yes, it's the only "solid" body you need.


V-cut with a spoon handle: nice! I'm saving for a Duane handle for the V-cut on my '57, and yes, it's the only "solid" body you need.

– lx

lx, I have an extra Duane handle you can have. My karma can use a boost after enriching my guitar playing self so much lately.

pm didn’t work.

email: bobhoward42 at gmail dot com Send me your address.



Congratulations, Bob! THAT is GORGEOUS!!!

Enjoy -- for many years!!


Hands down, the best Gretsch I have ever played is my '53 Duo Jet. Congratulations! It's a stellar guitar.


Congrats! Enjoy!


Nice score! Play'er in good health, Bob!


That’s a beauty. Congrats!


She's lovely, Bob, and is my next HG. I'm delighted that you're enjoying her so much, and I hope that it never fades.


Thanks, guys. Wade, I’ll let you know. I don’t think it will fade.


Well, I'm jelly as a mofo can get!

Congratulations and enjoy!


Congrats! I think that is coolest jet available in the Gretsch line. Love the scripty logo!


scripty logo + big cream blocks and dynas? there's a lot of cool going on there. you are a fortunate duck, indeed.


Looks fantastic...congratulations!


Thanks, fellas. You should try it.


Classy geet that ,congrats Bob!


That's beautiful - it looks about as good as a guitar can look.

I've got a 6128T with Duncan Dynas that is a best guitar in the world. I should not want... But I do.

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