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NAMM 2020


Any pics of the Guilds?

– Mr Tubs

I have some. What's the etiquette around here on posting non-Gretsch guitars in the Modern Gretsch forum?


Post away. We have an ancient and honorable tradition of Guildophilia. Anyway, NAMM coverage of years past has included mucho pictotum of other brands. Most of us are entirely guitar-besotted.


Any pics of the Guilds?

– Mr Tubs

Guild had a nice display, one of my favorite rooms at the show. A blonde X-175 with the Franz pickups is on my short list of next guitars to acquire. But that Savoy with the floating pickup, that was really nice too. That would work great for the duo gig I have. They both played great and sounded great acoustically, especially the Savoy.


No way to post multiple pics in a single post?


Blue X-175 w/ DeArmonds


Blonde, some day she will be mine...


No Jetstars? Guild has been advertising the new ones a lot lately.


This white Savoy was really nice, but maybe a bit to fancy for me.


Blonde, sweet guitar...


No Jetstars? Guild has been advertising the new ones a lot lately.

– Powdog

There may have been some, I didn't notice them.


I expected more coverage from our crack team of reporters...

Are they still trying to make Bail?


I have many photos & videos on my wall. But, I post to Facebook.


If the gretschpages interface was friendly I could cross post pics and vids from Instagram and Facebook but its not unfortunately.


Yeah, the picture posting process here isn't the most user friendly. I"ve hosted my pics elsewhere, let's see if I can link to them here, so I don't have to do 1 at a time. Why not start with the Gretsch pics. You guys have already seen the better pics, here's a few of mine I'll add. Note, the set up in the Gretsch room wasn't the best for getting good pics, the way the guitars overlapped each other made it difficult to get a clear shot, or one without shadows. It also was a popular roomm so it was crowded in there, the guys standing around shootin' the breeze doesn't help with that (why not take your conversations out in the hall way?). Anyway,


There is something about the "Malcolm" Signature you just gotta love...


I found this one in the booth (along with a bunch of other cool stuff!).


Some other cool stuff in the reverbdotcom booth


And I hope I'm not crossing a line here with this one. I found this in the Eastman booth, priced around $2500 IIRC.


More from the Eastman booth


Gibson room And I'll wrap up the Gibson display with this very cool IMO archtop bass. My buddy (a bassist) tried it out and IMO the tone was very close to an upright bass. Far better tone that the typical flat top acoustic bass. Street price, IIRC was under $600. I could see myself owning one of these for those acoustic jams, or for getting the upgright sound on a bass I could actually play (so far I am totally useless on an upright).

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