Modern Gretsch Guitars

NAMM 2020


Tavo hanging at TV’s booth & Gretsch? I’ll be there just Thursday & Friday. I have to play in Bakersfield Saturday night..


Pyramid Strings isn’t doing a booth this year. We will be next year! I’m doing the Mannheim Guitar Summit in September!


Hi Hasserl, What is the name of your band? I might be able to drop by.

– Powertronman

Crosscut Delux. We play 9 - 12 Thursday night. For a table in the restaurant section reservations are recommended, especially for a busy night, but for the bar area (same room) no reservation needed. No cover charge. If you make it there make sure to come up and talk on break.


I'm at the hotel waiting for Ric12string's arrival. Went down and picked up my badge. Busy beavers over there driving forklifts like F1 cars. Ah, it's good to be back.


Total aside, but I just looked at the new Gretsch models and I can't believe that the light blue pearl is making a comeback.


Interesting and not too unexpected that they would do the "player edition" Jets with Filter'trons rather than the Broad'trons.

But really I am relieved that I see nothing there which makes me want to buy. I guess I'm spoiled with a fabulous 6120 SSLVO and a '59 VS Jet. Just don't feel the need for another Gretsch. I figure if I can't get it done with those two I should give up! They really are fantastic guitars.


what i can't believe is that they're bringing back those awful mini-hums from the 2000s Electromatics.


TIL that white Doc Martens = rockabilly. things that make you go "hmmmm..."


what i can't believe is that they're bringing back those awful mini-hums from the 2000s Electromatics.

– macphisto

AFAIK those have been on the Baritone models all the time and still appear on those exclusively.


As long as Tavo's off- stage exploits don't match Gary's, I'm OK with the shoes.

– Tartan Phantom

Just talking stage looks, not shit


what i can't believe is that they're bringing back those awful mini-hums from the 2000s Electromatics.

– macphisto

At least they are upgrading the guitars from the bolt on neck models. Those pickups can be changed for DeArmond style or P90s without difficulty if you are so inclined.


The baritones look to be bolt-on.


The baritones look to be bolt-on.

– Proteus

That is correct


The baritones look to be bolt-on.

– Proteus

Once again I speak too soon. Dang!


You know, I've never heard anyone complain about bolt on necks on Tele's or Strats.


Fresh moving pictures.

Gretsch is nailing it with all these colors.


Any pics of the Guilds?


So, same old models as the last few years, some new colors, all with something-or-other-trons. Got it. My wallet is safe for another year I guess.


I need to get a Strat one of these days, and I really like what Fender has done with the Vintera series, but I was hoping they might refresh the series at NAMM (I know, they only came out with them, what, this past summer?). I like the "modified" versions they're offering, with the switching options and 2-point trem, but I want a 60s Strat version in sunburst with a rosewood fretboard - something they don't currently offer.

The Olympic White is kinda cool (I'll pass on the Burgundy Mist), but to me, offering a sunburst is just a no-brainer classic Strat that should be available in every 60s-inspired series.

I guess there's always Summer NAMM...



– Lacking Talent

What the...?



– Lacking Talent

What? No demo, just talk? Weak.


Good luck getting strings long enough!

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