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My Uncle passed away and left me his guitar.


Hi all,

My Uncle (more like a big brother) passed away in LA in mid May. He always gave me a hard time because I pawned my Taylor 310 CE after I got divorced. When he got sick, he told me that he wanted me to grab his Gretsch 3100. It's in pretty good shape, but I know nothing about it.

He said it was an inexpensive model and he had a list of modifications he wanted to do. I ordered some of the things he wanted to replace/add and I'm going to start working on it soon.

I'd like to know more about the model (details, materials, etc). I uploaded a picture. If anyone can give me details, that would be awesome.

Thank you and happy strumming



That’s a sweet guitar, a lovely gift from your uncle.


This is one of Gretsch's Historic series released in 1999. Yours is based on the Model 40 Hawaiian from the 1930's. You can find more details in the catalog. I've played a few of these series and am always pleased by the tones, looks and playability. They usually feature solid spruce tops and are always a bargain.


Nice guitar. My condolences.


I'm a big fan of the Historics, and own several. My flat top 3410 rancher has a great thin Sitka top and great sound.

Enjoy it.


Condolences for the loss of your uncle. Play the guitar in his memory!


Condolences on the passing of your uncle, Adam.

Oh,and welcome to the GDP sir!


The 90's were a decent era for good guitars. That little parlor guitar may sound wonderful as is, without mods.

(I have a Taylor GA3.)<<<<

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