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My NGD: 6118T-SGR 2-tone Smoke Green Anniversary


I’ve always wanted one of these. They are just beautiful! I had a spin on a 125th Annie at the Balto-DC Roundup, and it was great.

I visited Rocky before I flew out, and he - luckily - had one in a box out the back. A quick tune, plugged in and she sounded splendiferous!

So I brought her home on the plane, all wrapped up in bubble wrap.

It was a birthday present to myself, and I got the airport and was then surprised when the Border agent didn’t charge me import duty, only wishing me ‘Happy Birthday!” as he let us through.

It's been added to the database.

 photo IMG_5973_zps0qpluoi7.jpg




Congrats, Annies are special. I love the custom blue bridge damper, better bring that down here with you.


Perfect souvenir for your trip! Congrats


Sweet! You had a heck of trip, love the Annie!


Nice score! Play it in good health!


HBD! That neck is PERFECT!


Annies are special guitars. Congrats!


GORGEOUS guitar!!! Congratulations and enjoy!

What an incredible way to (1) celebrate your birthday and (2) have a life-long memory of your trip!

Well done by you!


Congrats sir !

I've only ever played one once ,back in 2003 and it was pretty cool from what i remember!


Annies are great guitars. There are definitely times when I miss the one I used to have (but then I remind myself that I have a Country Club). Congrats!


That is really nice looking. Bet she sounds and plays great!


Happy birthday ! That's a pretty guitar!


Aren't those just the bee's knees? So cool! Congrats!


Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone.

I had a strum yesterday before the jet lag kicked in, and boy oh boy, those Filter'Tron's sure do pack a punch!


Awsome. Congrats. Enjoy it!


Nothing beats buying and choosing your own Birthday gift.


Brilliant choice, Adam! My Annie is my #1, and you saw how many I have to choose from.

Rock that baby all night long... or after you get over the jet lag. Or something.



Good for you. Congrats!


Fabulous guitar and for me, very iconic for Gretsch as the two tone smoky green is a very much associated with this being a Gretsch, just as the orange is on the 6120.

A mid '60's double smoky green Annie, in '65, was the first Gretsch I ever played and just loved it. Took another 25 years till I got my first, a '64 Gent.


I think the Caddy green Country Club (which I own) and those two tone smoke green Anniversaries are the coolest looking Gretsches.

Considered buying a green Annie like that a year ago, that was in almost new condition, and a local store was selling for $1,200.

Funny thing is, I don't normally find myself checking out green guitars, but those two look fab.


A question on an old thread but it is the same guitar.

What would make for an appreciable difference between the perceived volume output between the neck and bridge pickups? I understand that the tone changes. Same chord / note / riff but when I play it on the bridge pickup, it is about ~70-80% of the neck volume.

It's been to a luthier once about 7 months ago but this is really only a recent thing. No mods to it.



Nature of the beast, for the most part. All other things being equal, the neck pickup will always be louder. If it bothers you, you can try adjusting the height, or you can swap out one of the pickups. It's been discussed here many, many times.

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