Modern Gretsch Guitars

My new acoustic setup


Gretsch Falcon Rancher and a Fishman Loudbox Performer (180w). The Loudbox is a great stand-alone amp but using it in tandem with the P.A. is amazing! All this is relatively new to me and I hace never been very happy trying to electrify my acoustic (feedback, etc). The Fishman will let you output clean signal or a mix to the soundboard while acting as a monitor and it has tons of headroom.

The Falcon sounds fantastic plugged into the Fishman; Warm, articulate and natural - I highly recommend both of these.

Very stoked!


Nice setup. I'm a bit jealous.


My Loudbox Minii is a great bass amp @ lo-voliume (only) but it's more power than I need even @ 60 watts. Best digital reverb and chorus anywhere.


Love the look of those Rancher Falcons. Cool rig!

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