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My Gretsch Family Portrait


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about mods I made to "The Bear." I also did some mods to my Tennessee Rose, my latest acquisition of a year and a half ago. So I thought it was time to break out the entire Gretsch family for a group portrait.

These are the two Chet Atkins Models that I just modded.

You may recall that I changed out the Bigsby on the 6120 for a Gold one and the Stainless Steel TruArc for a Copper.

On the 6119, I had previously put on a Chet Atkins pickguard (the guitar is from 2005 which predated the agreement with his estate). I had an old Tennessean and the pickguard looked naked without Chet's signature.

I then installed the Chet arm and the Stainless TruArc from the 6120 to complete the mods -- at least for now.

The 12 string is stock. Unless you want to count that I had the courses reversed and a new nut cut.

Haven't let the entire family play with the Guilds yet.


Nice. Looks like you've got all of the bases covered. You just need a jet.


Nice! Now let’s see the Guilds.

– Bob Howard

Both of these have had pickup changes since I took this. The Starfire has TV Jones Power'Trons and the X170 has Seth Lovers. Both are truly outstanding guitars.

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