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My Gretsch Family Portrait


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about mods I made to "The Bear." I also did some mods to my Tennessee Rose, my latest acquisition of a year and a half ago. So I thought it was time to break out the entire Gretsch family for a group portrait.

These are the two Chet Atkins Models that I just modded.

You may recall that I changed out the Bigsby on the 6120 for a Gold one and the Stainless Steel TruArc for a Copper.

On the 6119, I had previously put on a Chet Atkins pickguard (the guitar is from 2005 which predated the agreement with his estate). I had an old Tennessean and the pickguard looked naked without Chet's signature.

I then installed the Chet arm and the Stainless TruArc from the 6120 to complete the mods -- at least for now.

The 12 string is stock. Unless you want to count that I had the courses reversed and a new nut cut.

Haven't let the entire family play with the Guilds yet.


Nice! Now let’s see the Guilds.


Nice. Looks like you've got all of the bases covered. You just need a jet.


Nice! Now let’s see the Guilds.

– Bob Howard

Both of these have had pickup changes since I took this. The Starfire has TV Jones Power'Trons and the X170 has Seth Lovers. Both are truly outstanding guitars.

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