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My 6120 DS has arrived


Blue4Now: Pretty guitar! Enjoy it. Tim: Not only are your bridges top notch, but the way you stand behind your product is a model all manufacturers should emulate.


Great shade of orange too. V-nice


Hi Proteus, sorry didn't mean to make a contentious comment re the Tru Arc I have and thanks for the good advice and certainly as ever concern for it being correct. Ive replaced the strings with a set of 10-48 with a wound g using pure nickel and carefully re positioned the bridge base and secured with double sided tape and solved the problem, works well intonation wise and sounds great on the DSV Twangsville. Much appreciate the advice.

Thanks again Blue4Now and no doubt lots fun with your DS.


No worries, Rodney! I didn't take it as contentious. Just wanted to be sure your bridge was working for you, and take care of you - if possible - if it wasn't.

Glad it's working better now!

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