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My 6118T Players Edition, a couple of month later…


What can I say!!! Been playing since the 80s, mostly harder rock and Punk. Got this Guitar and I still think this is the best guitar Ive bought in years.

Been using Gibson LPs until this one arrived and haven touched the Les Pauls since. My biggest problem is that I know that Im gonna buy another one.

Upon arrival I had some concerns about the rocking bridge and if I need to replace the bridge with a Compton or Tru-Arc. This was no issue at all and Im still wonder how it works, intonation wise. But it works and it works great.

Have done a couple of shows with my band and the guitar stays in tune and it feels fantastic to play!

By the way heres my band:


Even though it appears that you might play gigs in shorts I still congratulate you on your new(ish) guitar. My 6120 still surprises me with how wonderful it is, and i have played 6120s for over 30 years now!

There is nothing like a great Gretsch hollowbody. I have played many different guitars at gigs over the years but nothing cuts through a band while staying big sounding like a Gretsch. And the Player's editions seem to have all the good stuff. I haven't tried one like yours yet but I will. I hope it continues to make you happy for a long time.


I apologize for the shorts! After I got this one our other guitarplayer (my brother) immediately ordered a Tenesse Rose. Fantastic feel and sounds in these guitars!


And as you have discovered they can really rock too! I find them a lot more fun than a solid body because you feel the sound so much more. They feel alive.

So you're Swedish? If you are looking for a great overdrive for a Gretsch you should check out Himmelstrutz pedals - they're based just outside Stockholm I think. I find the Fetto sounds incredible with a Gretsch. Well it sounds great with any guitar but Gretsches can be fussy.

And I will overlook the shorts. Your songs are impressive. You sound very american for scandinavians! Have you recorded with the Gretsch yet or are all those songs still Les Paul? It sounds like Les Paul to me. Great stuff!


Yeah for me they´r really true rock machines. Have been testing the Gretsches in the studio now and I found that these Filtertrons really shine when Im going thru the Marshalls. They got a whole new character compared to my JB59:s thats sitting in my LP:s.


Congratulations on discovering one of the untold secrets of Gretsch hollowbody guitars - that they can crunch and grind with the best of them. I play a Country Club with TV Classics and it sounds killer playing Tool music, AC/DC, etc.

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