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Mud Switch & Fuzz


Let me preface the question with the fact that I have zero experience with a mud switch. What I am wondering, is will a mud switch have the same effect on fuzz, particularly octave fuzz that rolling down the tone control would have in accentuating the fuzz octave. Any info greatly appreciated.


Despite having a couple fuzz pedals with the "octave" fuzz/Octavia mode, I don't recall specifically engaging them with a mud switch.

But I've often engaged the mudder into various fuzz types, always to sweet singing glorious effect.

And it IS just a tone control. I would expect the same behavior you get with a standard rotary pot.


Great to know. Thank you.


A friend who is really into distortion (vintage SuperFuzz pedal) really liked the mudswitch on my '58 Streamliner. He made it make sounds I didn't know you could get from a Filtertron.


U mean the ca. 1970 Univox Super Fuzz? That was a good one. Original Maestro fuzz good also, w/ kool Gibson knobs

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