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I don't think it's safe to say anything about vintage Gretsch's except that in general they were pretty inconsistent. You'd want a way larger sample amount (say a few hundred) and even then some would turn up that would be different.


Great update RC!
Is it safe to assume vintage and modern there really are no "thick" necked 6120s?

– captainvideo

From my perspective a 50s style thicker neck starts somewhere around .845" and it appears some of the models have necks around that size.

Proteus' chart -


Wasn't part of the marketing behind the Duane Eddy Signature that they carbon copied his '57 neck? Wildwood has one on sale currently. .780 1st - .840 9th.


I've noticed that around '59 the necks took on more of a C shape whereas the earlier necks had more of a D shape, FWIW.


Wasn't there a shallow V neck on a model(s) back in the '50's? Can't recall what guitar but IIRC I've heard it mentioned around here at some point. Just throwin' it out there.


Hey all I updated my original post with my new Cliff Gallup. Although it's thinner in the "mid" neck area that some of the others I have posted. Its actually pretty close to the 1954 Jet Wildwood has posted on their site for sale currently.

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