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MF Stupid Deal of the Day is a Gretsch!


Don't do it, Bob! Remember Mark Twain's definition of a gentleman as "someone who knows how to play the banjo and doesn't."


I've actually been seriously thinking about buying a "Banjitar", or "Guitjo", a six string Banjo, just haven't found one to play around here to see if it'd be worth the money.


Don't do it. Your teeth will start falling out!!!!!


But, that price is sooo hard to pass up, if it is of any reasonable quality (which I find that most Roots Series instruments definitely are)!


If it were a plectrum banjo, then maybe.


I remember trying out a Deering 12-string banjo at a NAMM show some years back. It was beautiful (or horrible if you don't like banjos and/or 12-strings). I put it down and the guy from Deering said, "Hey, you're sounding good, keep on playing." I told him, "Since you put it that way, I definitely will stop since you're not paying me." Have you got any idea what a Deering banjo costs? They can afford to hire someone!


It always helps to know the basics of playing before buying a banjo.


Today's Gretsch deal

– Suprdave

This deal was just too stoopid to pass up...and it's now on its way to my house. First NEW guitar I've bought in 3 years. Will bring it to the Roundup!


Well, good on ya! Can't wait to see it.


Cool! I got the Honeydipper resonator from their stupid deal last Thursday. I'm waiting for the box to show up today.


I wish MF would quit dangling carrots in front of my nose... got the last one, but not gonna bite this time!


Haha, I bought the last one, don't make me buy two! They must have a ton of inventory they're trying to get rid of. Played mine for a few hours last night, it sounds great


Get a six string banjo, everyone loves em! ..cept the snobs that play 5 string

– Dr. Titan McKrakus™ (two thumbs up!)

A proud 5-string snob here.

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