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Making/buying a ring mount adapter for a surface mount Hilo’tron


I'm wanting to try a set of Hilo'trons in my Electromatic Bono. Anyone ever make or found an adapter to mount them to the bezel with screws and springs?

Any suggestions?



TV jones makes those and you might find some online. You can make your own using some sort of flat bar(metal or thickish nylon, even wood maybe) across the back of the pickup that the pickup screws into. Have this 'bar' extend past the pickup on either side the required amount and then make holes in it that you can use your english mount bolts and springs with. Nylon is good because you can self-tap. Blacktop filtertron bezels work well for this and I believe are available online, or you can drill existing bezels and find bolts and springs


Cool! Would I attach it the bar using nuts and screws through the pickup screw holes? Nylon sounds like a great idea! Thanks.


Just make small holes in the nylon and use your normal pickup mounting screws. You could use nuts and bolts too.


GDP member Paul Setzer makes metal adapters.


Pretty easy to make some kind of adapter. The first ones I did were an old strat back plate and wood screws. I do sell an English Mount kit, but if you're handy it's pretty straight forward.


I've used scrap hardwood like rosewood or ebony with excellent results. Basically you mount a bar under the pickup and have all the screws go into it. Finding a ring that accepts a Gretsch size pickup but also mounts where a humbucker pickup was is a lot harder to fabricate. Buying one from TV Jones is your best bet there. But then again TV Jones makes those little clips that eliminate the need for the bar too.


I make some like this, which is what Gretsch/Baldwin was doing at the time.


Nice! Thanks, everyone, for the great suggestions! Hey Setzer- do you still make replacement "g" swishes for rubbed off Hilo'trons?


Hey yes I do. I saw your email inquiring about these but haven’t had a chance to reply!


Paul Paul Paul! Email me about my pickguard project, pretty please.


Hey yes I do. I saw your email inquiring about these but haven’t had a chance to reply!

– Setzer

Great! Thanks Paul! When you get a chance, please email me w/ price and any details about them. Poor guy, every time you pop up here we all jump you with our projects! You're a BEATLE, man!


Hey Tim, will do!

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