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Making a gretsch style pickguard for LH conversion


I am a long time Gretsch user, have a few now and many in my history, have converted a Gretsch Penguin parlor acoustic to left hand, am wondering how the pickguard graphics are created? My guess is that Gretsch takes a clear piece of lexan (polycarbonate) uses decals printed in reverse, mounts them to the underside of the pickguard and then paints over them? anyway, do you know how they make them? Bluespoet Greatscht Guitars


You can print your own with water slide decal paper - it's easy to find online. It is available for laser jet and inkjet printers, so you need the type that's suitable for your printer.

If you use inject paper, the printed image will need to be sprayed with lacquer in order to seal it. If you don't, the water will wash off the ink.

Rather than provide a lengthy explanation here, I suggest you look at a few You Tube instructional videos with people making headstock decals, because the procedure is much the same.

Just make sure you get the bubbles out, allow the decal to dry thoroughly and apply the first few colour coats very lightly to avoid damaging the decal.

Here's one I did using a decal on my 6120 conversion.


Here's my home made pick guard on my 5120 Electromatic.... I lifted a picture of an existing pick guard from one of the guitars on the Gretsch website, then pasted the cropped, mirror image "Gretsch" logo to scale into a Word Doc. Took it to the local mall where a vendor makes those custom vinyl window stickers. He charged $15 a sheet (aprox. 8"x10" & your choice of colors). So I gave him my Word.doc file I created with as many as fits on 1 page. ( IIIRC, I ended up with about 20 on one page) I took the original transparent PG on my 5120 Electromatic and stuck it on the underside (remember - they are reverse imaged). Then spray paint the whole backside of the pick guard. That's it...easy and almost mistake proof!

When I get home later, I'll check my stash... I think I may have a few still around! ( IIRC, think I had a few black ones as well as white ones)

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