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Lucky Dip


Beautiful collection, Ray-Ray. I couldn't help smiling at seeing the 'Monkees' Streamliner. A rarer bird these days, especially one as clean as yours appears to be.
Kudos on the Harrison Duo-Jet too. Quite an inviting music space you have there!


Hi y’all, I do hope everyone is ok? I joined not long ago but what with work etc I’ve not been as ‘active’ as I’d like! Anyway, I’ve a little story to tell & some nice new Gretsch guitars to show you! I popped into my local news agents about a month ago to buy my usual newspaper. For some very odd & strange reason upon being given my £2 change I decided (for the first time!) to but a lotto scratch card. Never expecting to win I put the card in my wallet and set off for work. On the train coming home the same day I remembered my lotto card and was absolutely delighted to win £20,000!!! The following weekend I popped to London to buy some guitars: I bought: 1) Gretsch G6120 55 GE 1) Gretsch George Harrison signature duo jet 1) Rickenbacker 330 1) Les Paul studio And (1) Brian Jones signature model Guitar! The guy in the shop was so pleased I spent my money in his shop that he paid for a cab to take me to the train station! I’ve included some pictures here, and these new additions look great alongside my Gretsch Streamliners & Electromatic guitars. I felt so fortunate & lucky (and a little guilty) that I also gave some money to charity! My next purchase will be (hopefully) one of the new Gretsch penguin parlour guitars, which are due out in September. Keep safe everybody & if you’ve got a couple of spare £ or $ have a lucky-dip on the lotto! Best wishes, Ray - UK

– Ray-Ray

Wow, what a great story. I had to read it to my wife, to which she replied "is he married? If so, I hope he has an understanding wife..."

Anyway, congrats. Money well spent IMO.



I'm surprised you didn't try and source a Rickenbacker 360/12C63 or maybe a used 360/12V64 ,considering you're a Beatles fan an'all !

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